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Bitcoin family continues to live dreamy life after BTC

The Bitcoin family continues to live a dreamlike life even though the BTC falls. Here is a Bitcoin story that can be absurd but completely real. Bitcoin family goes on their way For Bitcoin, where you believe you will climb to new heights one day, can you give up all the items you have? The […]

In pursuit of the State Zcoin Founder!

Zcoin’s founder, Poramin Insom, may have been targeted by government-backed attackers. Privacy-oriented crypto-money Zcoin’s (XZC) founder Poramin Insom’s Google account login information is being stolen by Z government-sponsored attackers according to Google’s warning. the Zcon Zcon zero-knowledge proof ( evidence that is not secret ) draws attention to the use of a crypto-currency. So users […]

BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin

BCH Dies, BSV A worthless Shitcoin “ The anonymous person known as “Cobra” ruled that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was dying and the Bitcoin SV (BSV) was “worthless”. Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org’s unidentified creator, Cobra Bitcoin Cash, said that Bitcoin SV had gone down to death and Bitcoin SV was a “worthless shitcoin.” Cobra scored the tweet […]

Richest Child in Manhattan Accused of Crushing Money with 24 Million Dollars

Michael Terpin’s lawyers stolen $ 24 million worth of crypto money through a SIM card copy method, pointing to Nicholas Truglia, the number one suspect. Blockchain and crypto currency investor Michael Terpin had a SIM card copied last January and a $ 24 million crypto money investment was stolen. Terpin’s lawyers claimed the assailant was […]

All Eyes on Tron: The Nitron Summit Begins Today

The Tron summit Nitron, where many announcements are expected, begins today. The Tron Foundation announced the Nitron summit on Twitter and attracted the attention of the crypto-money community. The event will begin today and end tomorrow. The summit is located in San Francisco. The event calendar includes speakers from different fields, interviews with Blockchain developers. […]