Binance officially launches expected Launchpad platform

Binance officially launches expected Launchpad platform

Binance launches the Binen Launchpad, which has been waiting for some time, with two projects.

Binance , one of the leading crypto-money exchanges, announced today that it is launching its token extraction platform, which is called Binance Launchpad. The platform plans to release at least one new token each month throughout 2019. The first token to be released on the Binance Launchpad will be BitTorrent and Fetch.AI toppers.

Binance says that the Binance Launchpad platform has helped Blockchain projects to raise funds and increase their access to the crypto money ecosystem, and that it now offers project tokens to over 10 million user bases. This gives Binance users a chance to be a part of the game-changing projects.

The stock also says Launchpad is more than just a token extraction platform:

Launchpad is a complete consultancy service for projects that will benefit from our insight and experience. We ensure that projects focus their efforts on the important point: to improve their products and to increase adaptation.

The first two tokens on the Binance Launchpad are the Tokens of BitTorrent and Fetch.AI.

Binance says that all tokens that are accepted to Launchpad have gone through a rigorous review process.

Users will have the opportunity to invest in projects that have been rigorously reviewed and listed in any stock exchange. Users need to complete authentication requirements to invest in projects at Launchpad.

Significant Step from Monero (XMR)

Significant Step from Monero (XMR)

Significant Step from Monero (XMR), Crypto Money Adoption Is Increasing! Now the famous computer game Fortnite now accepts Monero (XMR) in payments.

The rumors about Fortnite, a computer game with millions of users worldwide, did not fall from the language of the community. Following the spread of rumors, Riccardo Spagni, a South African descent from South Africa, who is among the leading names in the world of crypto money, made a statement on the issue. According to Spagni, Monero (XMR) is accepted as a payment method on the game’s sales platform.
Riccardo Spagni, in his statements via his Twitter account, pointed to the world-famous game Fortnite and said:

Great! The Fornite store allows you to pay with Monero. Now you will be able to make shopping through your friends, family, or colleagues without judging you.

Spagni Monero, who continues to make an explanation for the issue, points out that it can be used as a method of payment through Globee in this case. Globee is a global payment processor designed for crypto lovers and already accepts the following crypto coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Decred (DCR), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) Monero (XMR)

After the agreement with Fortnite, Globee surprisingly supports only XMR payments on this platform. Nevertheless, the fact that such a gaming platform managed to reach millions of users all over the world has accepted crypto coins in payments, causing great excitement among crypto lovers in a short time. Moreover, there is a large number of users who follow the game regularly through another platform Twitch. Despite the impact of the bear market, we see that the adoption of crypto money has risen rapidly.

White hat hackers won a great deal of awards throughout the year

White hat hackers won a great deal of awards throughout the year

The Hackers in White Hats Made Lipfolds throughout the Year Goodwill hackers won a great deal of awards throughout the year.

The white hat hackers won a total of $ 878,000 this year. News published on Sunday (December 30th) by the news platform, TheNextWeb, which is working on technological developments, revealed interesting data.
Many companies around the world are organizing various competitions for hackers to break into the system in order to improve their software. Hackers entering the system successfully and identifying the vulnerabilities in the system are entitled to receive awards. In this way, the company can detect and fix problems in the software, and very secure software is released. Well-meaning hackers can also generate revenue from this situation.

According to TheNextWeb, the white hat hackers are very keen and enthusiastic at participating in competitions organized by companies. According to the news in question, these hackers won a total of $ 534,000 on the HackerOne platform. The virtual channel, called HackerOne, is known as a platform that includes sorun software problem finding competitions ı organized by companies.

The HackerOne platform is often said to include the competitions of the company, is the company behind EOS. According to statistics, nearly 60% of all award programs organized throughout the year were organized by

Coinbase, one of the largest crypto money exchanges in the world, is organizing similar programs to develop software. Coinbase, which is in the second place in the list of the most award-winning companies, distributed a total of $ 290,381 in 2018. The Coinbase is followed by the $ 76,200 Tron project.

Crypto Money Step from Samsung

Crypto Money Step from Samsung

The world’s giant filed a patent application on the crypto money wallet.

South Korea-based electronics giant Samsung said on 27 December that the UK Office of Intellectual Property requested trademark registration to produce UK crypto-money wallets.
Application of the “classes and the terms” section of the disclosures made in Samsung’s “crypto-currency computer software for use as a wallet”; Computer software for the crypto money transfer and payment system using Blockchain technology; ”computer application software for smartphones, shows that it has improved. In other words, the application will enable users to pay Crypto currency based on Blockchain technology and payment via third party application software.

In addition, the application’s Galaxy S10 smartphone to add a crypto currency wallet has plans to add e-mail. But later this rumor was denied by Samsung. Also on December 10, Samsung filed three patent applications for Blockchain and the European Union on crypto money.

On the other hand, early December in counted among the world giants in the smart phone generation HTC is in the process of integration for decentralized applications, Bitcoin and have multiple Blockcha support including Etherea networks “first sweaty Blockcha-based phone” HTC Exodus 1 launch that He explained.

In addition, the Blockchain-based electronics provider SIRIN Labs has announced the launch of the first Blockchain-based smartphone, FINNEY. With an open source operating system, FINNEY offers a crypto-money wallet and encrypted communication.

In October, Samsung’s production flap Foundry announced that the 7-nm Low Power Plus started a new production process and reduced energy consumption by as much as fifty percent. Because chips are a critical factor in energy costs, crypto money miners using the Samsung hardware can make huge profits.

Are Hardware Purses Really Safe? Can it be hacked?

Are Hardware Purses Really Safe? Can it be hacked?

Researchers showed that they could hack Trezor One, Ledger Nano S, and Ledger Blue at a conference .
The research group named includes the names of hardware designer and security researcher Dmitry Nedospasov, software developer Thomas Roth and security researcher and former submarine officer Josh Datko.

During the conference, researchers showed that they could get the crypto coins in the Trezor One wallet by writing new data on the wallet. However, they stated that this method only works in the wallets that are not set. Pavo Rusnak, the CTO of the Trezor developer company, said they were unaware that this experiment would be made and that the open points found would be answered in the release update to be released at the end of January.

The researchers claimed that they were able to install the software they wanted to Ledger Nano S. In this way, the snake game with Ledger can be played, the opener researcher said:

We can do a malicious procedure if we want, and we can even confirm it ourselves. Or we can show it on the screen as if a different operation was actually made.

In addition, the most expensive hardware wallet from Ledger Blue’s motherboard was detected to be transferred to the screen with a very long signal. Researchers say Blue has emitted some signals as radio waves. When the USB connection to the wallet is made, the signals can be received a few meters away. The team explained that they were able to decode the password entered from leaked signals with artificial intelligence loaded into a cloud.

The researchers were asked about the BitFi hardware wallet that was claimed by John McAfee and claimed to be ”not hackable Araştırma. A team member answered the question, lard At least we’ll take a look at some safe wallets, not talk about Chinese-made phones.

In August, a hacker had reported hacking BitFi. However, the manufacturer did not accept it and said the coins did not come out of the wallet. A group of researchers then claimed to have hacked BitFi.

Data Light Explained: How Many Crypto Money

Data Light Explained: How Many Crypto Money

ATMs Are Installed Every Day All Over The World? The number of crypto money ATMs around the world is increasing every day.

Although the crypto money market did not show a promising performance in 2018, the number of crypto money ATMs around the world doubled this year and reached 4,000.
Crypto coins can always rise in the near future by exhibiting aggressive movements. The spread of crypto money ATMs is among the components that will ignite the digital revolution. According to data from a research conducted by Data Light, in 2018, 6 new crypto money ATMs were established around the world. The number of crypto money ATMs is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years.

Data Light’s research contains some amazing data. Almost all of the 4.021 crypto money ATMs around the globe support almost Bitcoin, while over 2,000 ATMs support the Ethereum. It is also possible to trade with Dash at 729 ATMs worldwide. Among the less popular crypto currencies are Zcash’s 67, Monero-backing 128 and 79 crypto money ATMs that support Dogecoin.

In 2017, the crypto money market reached an astronomical valuation under the leadership of Bitcoin. According to the data obtained by Data Light, a large number of crypto money ATMs established in 2018 were set up when the Bitcoin price was higher than now. Looking at CryptoATMradar, which provides instant data on crypto-currency ATMs around the world, the fact that 4085 crypto cash ATMs are installed in 76 countries around the world is emerging.

According to the data of CoinATMradar, there are 3,157 different crypto money ATMs in North America only. Of these ATMs, 2,415 are in the US and 695 in Canada. In Europe, there are 940 crypto money ATMs. Austria is at the forefront of crypto money ATMs in Europe. In the United Kingdom, there are 208 crypto money ATMs in the second place. This unexpected increase in the number of ATMs gives us some insight into the worldwide adoption of crypto coins.

What are the indicators that investors use most to predict prices?

What are the indicators that investors use most to predict prices?

Investors are using the most transaction volume indicator.

Market analysis is important for crypto money investors to create their own style. Investors can either succeed or fail according to their style.
Investors are using some indicators widely. Of course, it is necessary to take into account many indicators and analyze to provide the nearest price forecasts. Coindesk asked his followers the question hang Which one would you use if you only have to use an indicator?The results of the survey were as follows: 39% of the participants selected the transaction volume, 23% chose moving average (MA) and 30% chose RSI.

Coinigy business development and operations officer Matt Thompson said that the indicator of the transaction volume is not given. He added that the transaction volume could be used as an instrument of approval or rejection for other indicators.

The transaction volume reflects the total amount of hands that have changed over a period of time and is usually indicated by bar graphs. Professional traders and graphic designers benefit greatly from the transaction volume. For example, if the price decrease and the transaction volume decrease at the same time, this usually means that the bears are tired and the recovery is close. On the contrary, if the transaction volume decreases as the price increases, it is foreseen that the price will not remain above or the resistance points are evaluated.

Useful tool

As with any vehicle, the transaction volume has some disadvantages. For example, volume indicators on crypto money exchanges may not show real values. The transaction volume can be fake (wash trading), for this, investors place orders and cancel without ordering orders. In the past, some exchanges were deliberately caught for making illusory transactions, so volume can be used for manipulation.

Some argue that Bitcoin cannot be manipulated because it has a lot of liquidity compared to others. Nevertheless, past analyzes approved by the transaction volume can be important. A cryptocurrency can be seen with changes in trading volume where interest is increasing. In addition, volume increases and decreases can give an idea about the changes in trends.

The Economist Magazine’s 30 Years Previous Forecast Is Real With Bitcoin?

The Economist Magazine’s 30 Years Previous Forecast Is Real With Bitcoin?

In the 9 January issue of the world-famous The Economist magazine, was the cover photo with the theme of Get Ready for One World Money pointing to Bitcoin?
Get Ready for the Phoenix, published in The Economist in 1988, pointed out that in 2018, one world money could come.

The article outlines the advantages of a single currency for countries globally, but also how difficult it may be from a technical point of view. But the noteworthy event, the cover photo of the date of 2018 to be given and ın Get Ready for One World Money Hazır header .. Well, this currency can be Bitcoin? It’s hard to say clearly; However, the new year special covers of the Economist magazine are full of predictions. The world’s economic and political events, terror activities, religions, wars and secret organizations, images and images on many issues are published. Most of these predictions are surprising people by the year. Here is the real thought-provoking point right here, I wonder if a plan from decades ago can be tried to be implemented with Bitcoin? Although it is hard to say yes to this, the first future currency in this matter is undoubtedly Bitcoin.

With the technology of 30 years ago, it could be hard to imagine Bitcoin, so the assets expressed in the article are the traditional way and the units of money printed by central banks. Phoenix, also known as a mythological bird, is also known as the symbol of immortality. Financial linkage with Phoenix is a bit of a challenge, so I’m just explaining this side.

Crypto money enthusiasts think that Phoenix’s Bitcoin is a righteous thought structure due to the increasing interest and value that has recently grown. On the other hand, it may be necessary to take Amero into account for the North American Continent. Ameron; The Canadian dollar is a theoretical currency that is expected to replace the USD and the Mexican peso. It can be said that the European Union is similar to the Euro. The number of academics and experts who think that such a currency will emerge in the near future is not to be underestimated; but there is no official announcement. Can the US say goodbye to the USD in the coming years and make such a currency? I think it’s a matter of long-term dependence on country interests. On the other hand, the US holds the power to impose such a currency globally. He can do dozens of times what he’s doing for the US In addition, US Finance Minister Timothy Geithner; In 2009, he signaled that a single currency could be managed by the IMF. Looking at the event in this way, it is possible that Phoenix will be Amero.

Hundreds of articles have been written on this subject and many reports have been made. In general, it would be a way for any country to adopt a single official currency over countries, for technical and economic reasons. In fact, it is an important issue that can cause global wars.

We live in a period where the people are producing their own money. Developing technology now gives us this opportunity. Today, everyone can easily print their own currency (with Ethereum Blockchain, etc.) and work on it. We see that the issue of withdrawing money gradually falls from the sovereignty of countries. The market value of crypto coins continues to increase exponentially every year. Crypto money markets are expected to reach $ trillion dollars in a few years as well as a small country economy with a value exceeding $ 120 billion today. Because Bitcoin and crypto coins that move with the philosophy of be your own bank reach more and more people with their decentralized and libertarian structures.

Tim Draper: You can now use Bitcoin in Starbucks and Amazon

Tim Draper: You can now use Bitcoin in Starbucks and Amazon

Tim Draper, the famous billionaire, said he invested $ 1.25 million in the OpenNode project and added, “You will now be able to use Bitcoin in places like Starbucks, Amazon and Tesla.” said.

Tim Draper, a billionaire investor and crypto money advocate, recently announced investing in a Bitcoin payment processor platform. The platform, OpenNode, aims to make it easier for normal companies to accept payments using Bitcoin .

Draper supported the company with $ 1.25 million through its own investment company, Draper Associates. The famous Bitcoin bull believes that the leading crypto money will be worth $ 250,000 in the next three to five years and that attempts to adopt OpenNode will help accelerate this ‘hyper-Bitcoinization’.

Doing your weekly shopping with Bitcoin may soon be true with OpenNode
OpenNode aims to direct Bitcoin and other crypto coins directly, rather than focusing on delivering fast conversions on parity as many Bitcoin payment processors on the market today. OpenNode is expected to enable people to use digital coins to shop at popular places such as Starbucks , Subway and Amazon.

OpenNode operations work like a credit card system. However, it is expected that it will offer it to the vendor at a much lower cost than Visa or MasterCard transactions. It is stated that for the transaction fees, the figure will be 1 percent of the transaction amount. This is about half of the current credit card commissions.

OpenNode also works to ensure instant processing of processes as well as micro-processes. Such a service can pose a serious challenge to the giants of the payment sector, if widely accepted.

Brandon Lewis, co-founder of the OpenNode project, said: var Our mission is to make Bitcoin a better alternative to all existing payment protocols by offering the best experience to businesses. Bitcoin products are missing in the crypto money field, so simplicity is our first priority.

Tim Draper, meanwhile, shared his investment in OpenNode on his personal Twitter account:

“Finally! You will now be able to use Bitcoin in your purchases in places such as Starbucks, and Tesla. Fast operations!

The reports show that the billionaire investor, Tim Draper, has over 40,000 BTC, so Draper has a lot to do with his best efforts for Bitcoin to succeed. Draper’s Bitcoins are now $ 160 million. If $ 250,000 is correct, there will be about $ 10 billion.

US Billionaire Tim Invests in OpenNode

US Billionaire Tim Invests in OpenNode

Tim Draper, who is among the investors of Coinbase and Ledger, has now invested in OpenNode.

Technology billionaire and Bitcoin investor Tim Draper invested $ 1.25 million in Bitcoin-based payment service provider OpenNode.
OpenNode, which announced the launch of the seed investment tour on Tuesday, allows businesses to receive and send payments instantly and without risk. OpenNode also receives a 1% commission on these transactions. OpenNode is a crypto money initiative that provides fast and inexpensive transfer on the Bitcoin network using the Lightning Network network. OpenNode said in a statement that the first day of activities since the Lightning Network network capacity increased by 15% to 456 Bitcoin reached, he said. In an interview with CoNDesk, CEO of OpenNode said:

We will continue to activate our payments model to increase user experience in areas where Lightning Network can reduce costs.

In the past, Tim Draper co-founded Draper Associates and Draper Fisher, and Jurvetson invested in Blockchain and crypto-money initiatives. In 2016, Tim Draper led a $ 4 billion A-series investment tour launched by Factom, Texas-based. Tim Draper is also among the investors of US-based Coinbase and Ledger, based in France.

In April of this year, Tim Draper claimed that Bitcoin would reach $ 250,000 by 2022 and still stands behind this claim. Draper draws attention to the crypto-money community due to the consistency in his previous estimates. In 2015, Draper estimated that Bitcoin would exceed $ 10,000 by the end of 2017. Tim Draper will also be speaking at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, the largest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference in the Middle East at the Halic Congress Center.