You Can Do Crypto Money Trading without Opening an Account

You Can Do Crypto Money Trading without Opening an Account


Changelly  crypto coin mining pool created by the minergate team. The site, which has been in operation for a long time, allows bitcoin and subcoin swap without opening any account. Thus, the exchange can be exchanged between crypto coins without being dependent on the exchanges. There is also the option of getting a Bitcoin with a credit card.

How to make a bitcoin and altcoin transaction without identity approval, without the approval of the crypto currency trading, opening the account, how do I get bitcoin and altcoin without authentication? Unauthorized crypto money buy-sell ..

Changelly does this with a low commission rate of 0.5% (five per thousand). The system is very simple and easy to use, and with a simple interface, it is being addressed to every cut user, from knowledgeless to professionals.

The site also offers a credit card purchase service based on USD and EURO. There are currently more than 100 crypto currencies in the portfolio of the site, and these crypto coins can be exchanged instantaneously without account or authentication .

To do this, go to this page from the link and enter the crypto coins and the amount you want to sell and buy in the following sections, then write your own address for the crypto money you want to receive. The process will take place in a very short time.

XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector

XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector

”XRP The Biggest Fraud Project in the Sector“

Craig Wright continues to vomit anger. Wright’s current goal after Bitcoin Cash is XRP.

Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto at every turn, has now threatened the Bitcoin Cash miners and is now on Ripple after the threat of seizing the Bitcoin Cash network.

Wright claimed that the XRP was an P unregistered securities platform W based on recent reports released by the SEC. The rebellious boy of the sector, who argued that the XRP would be the next target of the SEC, because it would soon be securities, ruled that the XRP was a’n fraud  because it was an indifferent token. Wright’s got that tweet:

The XRP must offer a real service offer in order to avoid being securities. If something is bought and sold in the expectation of profit, then service is not token. XRP is a traded asset sold in anticipation of profit. This feature makes her the securities.

When a Twitter user stated that the SEC should decide the quality of Ripple and that Wright’s tweet created the impression of ve sales order ‘, Wright opposed the user:

No it’s not. I have never touched the XRP under any circumstances, nor have I ever done anything to do with it. The definition of securities is made by the courts. XRP fits exactly that recognition.

Craig Wright declared that the XRP was a fraud project and said:

XRP is the biggest fraud project in the industry. I look forward to the time when this fraud will end. The idea of ​​selling off an unregistered security and selling it to noobs who want to go round the corner is not new.


Big data: Someone’s watching us

Big data: Someone’s watching us

Big data: Someone's watching us

While the ‘big data’ technologies that come into our lives with the digital age have made positive advances, especially in the field of health, experts warn that these data may lead to future ‘surveillance’ mechanisms.

The ‘big data’ technologies that come into our lives together with the digital era have positive developments especially in the field of health, but according to experts, there is a ‘dark’ side of the subject. Experts who speak to the Anadolu Agency warn that the data in the digital environment can lead to future ‘surveillance’ mechanisms and that sanctions may be insufficient.

While the number of users of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube is increasing day by day, the amount of data on these websites is increasing simultaneously. According to the US-based International Data Agency’s ‘Digital Universe’ research, the amount of data that is 130 exabytes in 2005 is expected to increase to 40 thousand exabytes in 2020. 90 percent of the amount of data in the world is expressed in the last two years. 

Electronic giant Bosch integrates IOTA with its new device

Electronic giant Bosch integrates IOTA with its new device

Germany-based electronics giant Bosch announced the integration of the new IoT data collection device with the decentralized IOTA Data Market.

Bosch, the electronic giant who has partnered with IOTA, announced that it has integrated the new IoT data acquisition device with the decentralized IOTA Data Market.

The IOTA Market is a decentralized data market where parties can buy or sell access to active data streams using MAM. According to a shipment from Bosch’s official blog, MAM is a second-tier data communication protocol that allows data to be shared securely across an encrypted channel. As stated in the blog post, data subscribers can trust the data source and integrity, even if the identity of the resource is masked.

Bosch’s new connectivity device, the Bosch XDK, is described as a programmable sensor device that also functions as a sensor node solution and an Internet of Things (IoT) prototyping platform. The device incorporates various sensor, data storage and network technologies to enable users with different levels of experience to program data in real time and to sell them in the IOTA market.

IOTA’s new data collection device

As Bosch pointed out, there was no open source code to connect to the Bosch XDK and IOTA protocol Tangle. In addition to the XDK device, the XDK2MAM development team has developed an open source code for the IOTA community to facilitate the interaction between hardware and Tangle.

At the end of August, Japan’s Fujistu announced an IOTA-based concept proof for audit trail processes in the manufacturing sector. The company is considering using the IOTA protocol as an unchangeable data storage medium for audit trail across industrial production environments and supply chains.

Volkswagen , with IOTA in June, showed a concept proof that IOTA uses the Tangle system for autonomous cars.

Last week, Ledger announced that it now supports IOTA.

IOTA’s token MIOTA is now available for $ 0.49

Milestone: Number of Bitcoin ATMs Around the World to Reach 4 Thousand

Milestone: Number of Bitcoin ATMs Around the World to Reach 4 Thousand

The number of Bitcoin ATMs established in different parts of the world in the past 5 years is about to reach four thousand.
Bitcoin ATMs with crypto coins are also becoming increasingly popular. According to CoinATMradar data, the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world is about 4 thousand. There is an astronomical rise in the number of crypto money ATMs.

According to, which offers the most up-to-date data on Bitcoin ATMs all over the world, the 3.991 crypto-money ATM currently serves humanity. The first Bitcoin ATM was created in 2013, and the number of crypto money ATMs has increased tremendously over the last five years.

North American countries have a great advantage over other countries in terms of crypto money ATMs. In fact, 71.39% of Bitcoin ATMs are located in North America. North America is followed by Europe with 23.59%. With the United States of America 2,219 ATMs, it is the country with the most crypto currency ATMs in the world. Second place is Canada with 600 Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs are installed in countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Southern Cyprus and Thailand.

The number of companies producing crypto money ATMs has also increased over the years. US-based crypto-currency ATM manufacturer Genesis Coin holds 32.07% of the market. The European based General Bytes has a market share of 29.27%. Orderbob is at the bottom of the list with a 2.13% market share. The increase in the number of ATMs producing companies shows that the competitiveness of the sector and the adoption of crypto coins are increasing.

While the number of ATMs in developed countries such as the USA and Canada is so high, some backward countries are also banning crypto coins. For example, India, which is at the forefront among countries banning crypto coins, believes that crypto-money ATMs are set up to defraud people. Unixin’s founders Harish BV and Sathvik Viswanath, one of India’s largest crypto money exchanges, were detained for unauthorized use of Bitcoin ATMs.


Craig Wright: We got 51 percent in Bitcoin Cash

Craig Wright: We got 51 percent in Bitcoin Cash

Craig Wright: We got 51 percent in Bitcoin Cash

The name behind the Bitcoin SV prokotol has been Craig Wright, who claimed that the Bitcoin Cash has reached more than 51% of its mining power.

Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, suggested that the Bitcoin Cash network , supported by more than 51% of the miners, supports the Bitcoin Cash SV.

Wright, who conducted an interview with Tone Vays, said more miners would support Bitcoin Cash SV, but they haven’t explained it yet. However, Wright’s supporters have already exceeded the 51% hashrate threshold.

The data from Coin.Dance shows that the pools that support SV (CoinGeek, Mempool, BMG and SVP) have really achieved the hashrate advantage. All of these mining pools constitute 63.2% of the Bitcoin Cash network.

Having a majority of hashrate in a network means that if the BCH block chain is split, it could kill the opponent’s block chain. If this happens, the BCH may become useless. However, it should be kept in mind that the miners are profitable, and that they can attract support if the profitability is insufficient.

Bitmain’s founder Jihan Wu and the other front, led by Roger Ver, are continuing their preparations for the hashrate threat. A few days ago, it was revealed that Bitmain was preparing to deploy 90,000 Antminer S9 mining units in order to gain an edge in the hashrate war by meeting with local miners in China.

Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Bifurcation

Bitcoin Cash had a disagreement over the update on November 15th, which divided the community. Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre and Jihan Wu formed two different groups led by Roger Ver. The two sides have different visions for the future of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash’s original developer team, the Bitcoin ABC, plans to support major changes to facilitate atomic swaps, while maintaining its 32 MB block size. On the other hand, Bitcoin SV, designed by Craig Wright and nChain, has a plan to increase the block size to 128 MB.

Enterprise-level analysis section of the crypto money exchange Binance

Enterprise-level analysis section of the crypto money exchange Binance

Enterprise-level analysis section of the crypto money exchange Binance

One of the largest crypto-money exchanges, Binance opened a corporate-level analysis section where the projects will be analyzed.

One of the largest crypto-money exchanges, Binance opened an analysis section to publish corporate-level research reports.

Binance Research, Binance Research, aims to prepare corporate-level research reports to improve transparency and the quality of information in the cryptocurrencies.

The department has already published two comprehensive reports for Loom Network and GoChain. Recently, a comprehensive analysis report on the Pundi X is specified in the report.

Binance Research is not the first project behind the stock market. At the beginning of October, the stock market announced that the developers would donate the minimum amount to allow them to specify the amount they would pay, as well as donate all listing fees to charities. Following this, the platform introduced a Blockchain supported donation platform called Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) . The BCF was originally used to raise money for the victims of floods and landslides in Eastern Uganda. The platform accepts donations with BTC, ETH and BNB.

In October, Binance Labs launched Binance Labs, a multi-centered digital content ecosystem, investing millions of dollars in Contentos.

Founded in China in 2017, Binance is the second largest stock exchange in the world with a trading volume of 532 million dollars in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

Binance, gradually expanding its activities to other countries, recently opened a stock exchange in Uganda where it was possible to buy and sell crypto coins with titled money.

In September, the leading stock exchange launched a beta version of an exchange that would support Singapore Dollar in Singapore. At the same time, the Malta Stock Exchange’s fintech and its digital asset subsidiary MSX signed an agreement to open a trading platform with PLC.

In August, in cooperation with Binance and Lichtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX), the Binance LCX created a platform that could be used to buy and sell crypto coins

One of the oldest Bitcoin developers: the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin Kleiman

One of the oldest Bitcoin developers: the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin Kleiman

Jeff Garzik, one of the oldest Bitcoin developers, thinks that Bitcoin’s mysterious inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, is Dave Kleiman.

One of the key contributors to Bitcoin ‘s code base, Jeff Garzik, who later became the leading developer of BitPay, does not know who created the flagship crypto money. However, there is a good estimate.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Garzik expressed doubts about the real creator of Bitcoin. It has one of the less popular theories on this topic. According to Garzik, the main competitors for the title of Satoshi Nakamoto are Nick Szabo and Adam Back, or a group of people, or just one of them.

The idea of ​​tracking Satoshi Nakamoto is still very popular, despite its negative impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Very few people believe that Australian Craig S. Wright is the name behind Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi.

Garzik, on the other hand, said in Bloomberg that, according to his own personal theory, he died in 2013, living in Florida, and Dave Kleiman, who was a criminal because of a property with Wright, was the name behind the market value of $ 110 billion.

Dave Kleiman

Wright worked with Kleiman as an IT specialist for some time.

According to Garzik, when it comes to points, Kleiman appears as Satoshi. She said that Kleiman was a self-taught encoder and she worked in the Sheriff’s office in Palm Beach, USA.

Garzik continued his words as follows:

Iyor Encoding styles match. This gentleman is self-taught, and the Bitcoin encoder is a very, very smart one, not a classically trained software engineer. Bu

Craig Wright claimed earlier that he helped Kleiman create Bitcoin. Wright did not appear to have claimed that he was Satoshi Nakamoto until after Kleiman’s death. There are some factors that dominate that Kleiman is Satoshi, but the world may never know the truth

Blockchain will be spoken in Istanbul

Blockchain will be spoken in Istanbul

Blockchain will be spoken in Istanbul

Blockchain technology, it is best practice by expert speakers from Switzerland, to be held in Istanbul “Blockchain and Global Economic Models in Turkey How to Change?” Will be discussed at the forum.

According to a statement from Turkey’s Platform, the board of the Association of Swiss Chamber of Commerce will organize with restructuring potential economic model with blockcha technology forum is aimed at raising awareness about the Turkish public opinion in Turkey.

All evaluations and experiences will be shared in this forum, which will enable many bureaucratic procedures, import, export, banking and contract processes to accelerate, and enable easy transfer of public and private records such as identity and health, among institutions.

Blockchain the main sponsorship of Turkey Platform, to be held on 20 November at the Swissotel “Blockchain and Global Economic Models in Turkey How to Change?” Swiss Chamber of Commerce President Arpat Şenocak and Swiss Ambassador to Ankara Dominique Paravicini will hold the opening speeches of the forum.

Moderated by economist Atilla Yeşilada, the panel will include Credit Suisse Research Vice President Samuel Traub, Smart Valor Business Development Director Felix Simon, Unitalent Founder Bardia M. Zanganeh.

Bitmain is preparing to battle with 90,000 Antminer to S9

Bitmain is preparing to battle with 90,000 Antminer to S9

The mining giant, Bitmain, is preparing to deploy 90,000 Antminer S9s for the hashrate war that will be experienced in the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation on November 15th.

Bitmain, the crypto currency  miningequipment manufacturer, reportedly is preparing to deploy 90,000 Antminer S9 ASICs in Xinjiang before China’s Bitcoin Cash forking on November 15th.

According to news agency DeepChain, the goal of the crypto money mining giant is to prepare for the hashrate war between two Bitcoin Cash versions that will occur after the bifurcation to prevent potential attacks . Each Antminer S9 has an estimated power of 14 TH / s.

Yu Hao, a mining farm owner in China’s far west region of Xinjiang, said that since October, Bitmain has been in contact with the mining farms in the region and has been negotiating the deployment of mining equipment in preparation for the hashrate war.

Bitmain ‘s wallets are known to have over 1 million BCH . The company is taking action against possible losses during bifurcation.

An anonymous resource marketing personnel from Bitmain reported that half of them went to Xinjiang to discuss the distribution of equipment with their businesses.

How did it come to this point?

The Bitcoin Cash community could not agree on updates to be implemented on November 15th.

With the team headed by Craig Wright, Jihan Wu and his supporters have different visions of what updates should be applied to the Bitcoin Cash network.

ABC, the original developer team of Bitcoin Cash, has received support from AntPool, ViaBTC,, and some other leading mine pools. This is roughly 40 percent of the total hashrate of BCH.

The SV version is supported by the largest BCH mining pool CoinGeek and nChain.