How does IoT carry traditional retail to the digital future?

How does IoT carry traditional retail to the digital future?

How does IoT carry traditional retail to the digital future?

How does IoT carry traditional retail to the digital future?

Customers are smarter about their shopping preferences and their expectations for retail experience are growing rapidly. The online retail business is booming, and on the main streets, hands are put under the stone and customers need something special to return to the stores. The latest figures at the shopping festivals show that most of the retail stores on the main street have been facing the worst sales growth for five years, and there is a lot to do to compensate for these losses.

Ersin Uyar, Country Manager of HPE Aruba, has included the following in his article on the subject: 

Technology can certainly help to attract customers and close down the growth gaps that retailers face. The Internet of Things (IoT), a disruptive technology, can create a competitive differentiation if used correctly. According to research, the first users of IoT already have improved customer experience (81%); they benefit from gains that include better visibility across the organization (78%) and increased profitability (74%).

This is especially true for businesses that aim to digitize normal stores with innovations such as IoT. Amazon has made its first step towards the unknown with its Amazon Go stores, which have a camera and sensor network, which is completely unshielded and that recognizes what products customers put in their basket. 

At this point, there are a few practical steps that stores on the main street can take to increase their customers and their subsequent profits:

Increasing the number of customers with location-based services

In-store digital experience is vital for retailers to compete with online retailers, but the first obstacle to overcome is to step inside the customers. It is clear that most customers usually have smartphones with data and location information open. So, why don’t we use it to the advantage of the store by sending attractive personalized live offers to them? This can be achieved by encouraging customers to sign in to the store’s Wi-Fi network, downloading the application, and send them a notification when they are in range of beacons that recognize their location.

IoT technology makes in-store experience intriguing and impressive, allowing retailers to continually renew in-store presentations. Innovation has various consequences and can be copied in large and small normal stores. Known for its large warehouses, Home Depot uses location-based services to help customers navigate large spaces. By offering customers access to the application, it is also possible to use their phones to inquire the positions of specific products and to ensure that salespeople can focus on selling goods. Custom-built applications and beacon technology can use the in-store link to direct customers to the location of the products.

Digitize in store business

Normal stores can compete with online and mainstream competitors by offering special collaborations, offers and experiences to customers. Once consumers enter the store, the advantage is that retailers take their attention with new and exciting offers. Another method is to equip employees with tablets to assist customers to find out whether the product or goods are in stock. For larger stores, this can help employees complete their inventory more efficiently.

The use of these devices as a point of sale enables employees to be with their customers during the journey of purchase, thus saving them from being tied to wired enclosures.

Collecting customer understanding for innovation

Learning of customers’ behavior in the store plays a key role in increasing the effectiveness of offers and store arrangements. One way to get to know the customer is to obtain the data they create if they are accessing the retailer’s in-store application or using touch screens for information. Once this data is analyzed, a picture of the customer and his / her interests can be generated, so that sales assistants can better respond to individual needs.

The collected data can also be used to improve the physical layout of stores by using contextual information provided by customers using the application. High traffic areas can be used to disseminate information about sales price offers and new goods available. Real-time information about how busy shops are – especially during the shopping season – ensures better planning of the personnel route to ensure that stores have the most appropriate staffing capacity, allowing stores to save money in the long term.

In 2018, the retail sector will focus on being destructive and providing consumers with a unique store experience. This was talked about for years, but the current technology can make it a reality.

Turkey wants to use all the benefits of Blockchain Technology

Turkey wants to use all the benefits of Blockchain Technology

Interbank Card Center General Manager and Executive Board Member Soner Blockchain Turkey’s Platform Canko, “not yet any country or any company in the history blockchain forward. For this reason, I care about this issue for our country. If we organize our efforts correctly, we can use it as an important opportunity.

Widespread adoption of Blockchain technology in Turkey, in order to investigate the benefits and increasing the use of Turkey Informatics Foundation (TBV), established under the leadership of Turkey Blockcha Platform (BCT’s) Executive Committee were introduced.

BCT’s Executive Board, TBV President Faruk Eczacıbaşı, ICC General Manager Stephen Canko, Accenture Turkey General Manager Dilniş Bayel Akbank Direct Banking Deputy General Manager Tolga Ulutaş, Chairman of the Bosphorus Ventures Board of the Peace Özistek, btcturk top manager (CEO) Free Güneri and Ford Otosan CDO Hayriye Karakuzu consisted of the Black Sea.

Interbank speaking at the launch of Card Center (BKM) General Manager and Blockcha Turkey’s Platform (BCT’s) Executive Committee Member Soner Canko, stating that less time had much work, they reached 32 members of Turkey said they met with another valuable brands.

Stating that it is time for Turkey to produce in significant advances in the blockcha Canko, he said:

“I think it is a very important opportunity for Turkey Blockcha. I think the blockchain, the most important transformation after the Internet, is an important milestone in the development of technology. No country or no company forward has yet passed on to the blockchain. For this reason, I care about this issue for our country. If we organize our efforts properly, we can use it as an important opportunity. It also offers opportunities in terms of new business opportunities. In a country like Turkey, where the young and talented population, I think it is essential in terms of new business opportunities as blockcha of the revolution. “

Canko, pointing out that high in the public’s interest in the blockcha hand, Blockcha the public’s Platform in Turkey wished to be a part of.

TBV President Faruk Eczacıbaşı UB with the technology development, airbnb and drawing attention to Google’s understanding of change, “We are not alone in Turkey all new concepts in the world and to meet the extreme demands of the future to them and we think that we should make opportunities to translate them in danger of opportunity. If we create an environment to evaluate opportunities, we will minimize the threat posed by the unknown. Eğer


Akbank Direct Banking Executive Vice President Tolga Ulutaş stated that the story of the blockchain was the story of building trust.

Kurulu Financial systems are also based on trust. The subject is a platform with a great changer power. For the first time, an innovation will move forward with the competence of fictions for using it rather than technology. Blockchain is a tree that can give fruit if it can turn into collective behavior. We are here to work with collective consciousness. We will try to be supportive to miss this opportunity in front of Turkey. “

Accenture Turkey General Manager Dilniş Bayel also be done by transferring the different initiatives in Turkey, with the result that he hopes to reach a new world to be explored blockcha of in Turkey.

Peace Ventures Chairman of the Bosphorus Özistek problem of artificial intelligence reasoning, stating that solves the problems of the blockcha confidence, blockcha in Turkey and said that they believe will lead to important changes in the world.

What is important here, the world is entering the period of change again, indicating that Özistek, blockchain eventi in all parts of the world reported.

“WE start with the race“

BTCTurk Top Manager (CEO) Özgür Güneri stated that the blockchainden expectations were very high and added, hay Sometimes, every event in life is solved by blockchain and there are times when we have a wrong perception. For our companies, it is possible to be a global player and to achieve significant successes. Even thousands of people work on it. With this initiative, we can take a step forward as a country. If you’re ready for Blockchain, it’s a great opportunity, but it can have a devastating effect. Block

Ford Otosan CDO Hayriye Karakuzu Black Sea is um We think that it will make a serious difference both in the sector and in the world, which we follow with curiosity and therefore we are pleased to be in this initiative (BCTR). An

Manufacturing, logistics and transport in the creation of both new business models and for customers with very different scenario blockcha that offers an important opportunity transfer of the Black Sea, Turkey will achieve significant opportunities in this regard, said themselves that they want to play an active role at this point.

A new threat appeared to target Windows!

A new threat appeared to target Windows!

Kaspersky has detected a new wave of cyber attacks. The malware behind these attacks is using a previously unexplored vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system, and is trying to take control of computers in the Middle East in particular. The offensive was closed on 9 October with a patch issued by Microsoft.

The attacks, which use zero-day system vulnerabilities, are among the most dangerous cyber threats, because it does not give the attacker an opportunity to close the gap and defend himself. Attacks designed to take advantage of such exploits often cause cyber attackers to take control of the entire system. Sophisticated attacks, especially APT type, often bring this scenario to life, including the latest attack.

The Microsoft Windows attack in question is performed using a newly discovered vulnerability on PowerShell. The attacker was able to infiltrate the system and identify the privileges that would help him take over the system. Extremely well-coded attack is capable of attacking many Windows versions.

The attack was discovered at the end of last summer when it targeted a dozen organizations in the Middle East. Behind the attack is thought to be the famous FruityArmor group with the use of the PowerShell rear doors. Kaspersky Lab experts reported the vulnerability to Microsoft at the moment they noticed the situation.

Kaspersky Lab recommends that you take the following precautions to avoid such attacks:

Avoid using software that has known flags and has recently been used in cyber attacks.

Be sure to regularly update the software you are using. Vulnerability Assessment ( security vulnerability assessment) and Patch Management (patch management) use security solutions with features.

Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook’s rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Facebook's rival Google Plus is shutting down!

Google decided to shut down most of the Google+ service that it had set up with the goal of becoming a rival to Facebook, as a result of a system vulnerability, when user information became unprotected for a certain period of time.

The company announced that the closure decision is related to the failure to reach user targets.

Google says that due to a recent open-air software system, Google+ users’ private information has become vulnerable to third-party access.

The company reports that 500,000 users are affected.

The Wall Street Journal, published in the United States, wrote that based on an internal correspondence, Google was aware of this situation in March but did not disclose it to the public.

In his statement, the company stated that the incident was not serious enough to require public disclosure.

Google announced the closure decision on the grounds that the platform did not reach enough users and could not allow the users enough interaction.

Facebook rival Google Plus shutting down

Google+ 2011. Facebook to be established but the project failed in the face of competing with Facebook.

There have been rumors that Google + will be closed for years. Google has now decided to terminate Google + for users.

However, Google announced that it will continue to offer Google+ services to companies using Google+.

So far, Google, who prefer not to share information about the use of Google, shutdown description, Google+ users have little use of the platform very little interaction, the average of only a few seconds of the users spent 90 percent of the application said.

Comment followed by Google’s rooftop company Alphabet fell 1.23%.

7 methods in which cyber security block chain technology can be used

7 methods in which cyber security block chain technology can be used

7 methods in which cyber security block chain technology can be used

The security provided by block chain technology is increasingly attracting the attention of the security sector, which is looking for effective ways of protecting, storing and changing data. Komtera Technology’s security experts, who are the market leaders with their distribution and solutions in the field of information security, underline that the block chain is now being used as a security tool in its own right.

1. Distributed Identity

There are two types of identity in the networks, one for the user and the other for the device. Authentication of devices connected to the network is a very serious issue. The block chain has been used for a long time, since it is easy to create and verify the identity of these devices. The chains meet the needs of IoT devices with the infrastructure they offer, making them part of a chain that has been completely verified and secured.

2. Distributed Storage

Cyber ​​attackers are always fond of huge databases, and a violation of a single data with terabyte-size information can cause millions of or tens of millions of records to be exposed. In the block chain, while the data is stored in a wide range of systems, both the information contained in each node in the chain and the entire database are guaranteed by the storage feature of the ledger. In addition, it is easy to manage storage security as it is difficult to modify data.

3. Mandatory Liability

Although a pseudo-commitment to safety requirements is shown, investors and regulatory regulators want verifiable records that require more than just artificial commitment to take the right steps. The block chain allows you to check and record every change, or to initiate a judicial action in case of a problem.

4. Data Integrity

The block chain reflects a complexity that is very difficult to break down with a decentralized structure that stores all the information required for systems to function from passwords to rules. In this whole, no one can access and modify all the information. It makes a very natural solution to maintain the integrity of a data set, by making it possible to verify the changes that are required in the data, and in a way that records everything.

5. Critical Infrastructure Protection

Both energy transport systems and networks bring various security problems. Some time ago, Russian troops deployed a special Trojan horse virus to a power grid to provide remote access, posing a danger to this issue and posing a problem that sector workers should surely have to deal with.

The advantages of the block chain in terms of protection of critical infrastructures come from change verification and transparency of payments. It is almost impossible to store malicious software or make illegal changes within this system that records every change.

6. Distributed Encryption

The most sensitive part of an encryption system is where the encryption keys are stored. If a cyber attacker can access this keystore, he can make sense of all the encrypted messages in the system. It also has access to the login information for all users at various levels.

The security of the information in the block chain is based on the diffusion of the used and used algorithms instead of trying to keep these keystores hidden in different locations. The chain, which keeps users’ information secure in this way, makes the tools that most cyber-attackers use to seize the password useless.

7. A Special Case: Health Services

The health records of patients come early in the most sensitive data in terms of the quality and quantity of the data. Block chain technology is seen as a way to keep medical records of medical services and medical information kept safe.

Some companies are starting to use block chains to store these records. In such a model, once the patient records are entered, all the doctors of the patient can easily access them and a new node can be added to the chain. Companies using block chain technology to secure electronic records are expected to increase over time.

The new Windows 10 update has been released

The new Windows 10 update has been released


The new Windows 10 update has been released. So what’s changing with the new update?

With the newly released update , it was Your Phone app, which is the most noticeable among the innovations offered to users.

Frustrated with Windows Phone, the company is currently investing in mobile operating systems instead of a new mobile operating system .

Your Phone app, which was introduced and put into use in recent months, comes with very useful features with the new update.

With Your Phone feature, Android users will be able to project their smartphones directly onto their computers.

In addition, with the Windows 10 October 2018 update, which will be available to users with your phone application, you can access many things from notifications to messages on your phone via your computer.

This means that you will be able to reply to messages on your phone without any additional applications.

Another highlight of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is the Dark Mode. This feature is now waiting for users to use the new update is available.

However, this feature can be used in File Explorer for now. With the next updates, the use of the dark theme is expected to expand.

According to shiftdelete all these innovations in addition to a new screenshot tool will have the users’ Windows experience with the new update will be removed to the upper levels.

Thanks to the noticeable performance improvements, users are expecting a very smooth Windows experience.

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

In Bitcoin, the SegWit transactions suddenly dropped to the end of October. But what was the reason for this sudden regression.

Blockchain detectives and Lightning supporters may have noticed a significant drop in SegWit blocks near the end of last month. Bitcoin transactions with SegWit technology reached a record level of over 50 percent last month, but the rate started to fall around October 20, down to about 40 percent.

SegWit operations are less costly and faster as they are smaller in size than normal operations.

Users who have noticed this latest situation may have asked the question leri Why did the SegWit transactions that so many people have used before have suddenly regressed?

SegWit operations chart

A Bitcoin newsletter, familiar with the deep technological aspects of Bitcoin, has probably the right theory on the subject: At least one large mining pool accidentally stopped SegWit. The theory suggests that the decline in SegWit operations may be the result of a simple error with the wrong configuration.

Segregated Witness, or SegWit, is a scaling solution led by Peter Wuille, Eric Lombrozo and Johnson Lau. The technology that emerged as a solution to the congestion problem of the Bitcoin network played an important role in large Bitcoin scaling discussions from 2015 to 2017. However, a group of protocols that did not want SegWit believed that the first and most important change should be an increase in the size of the blocks, which eventually led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

During the intervening period of 13-14 months, SegWit operations increased continuously. So much so that at the moment one of the two operations is done with SegWit. As time goes by, it is thought that SegWit will be the norm and will lay the groundwork for newer technologies such as Lightning Network.