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CCN Pauses Shutdown Decision

CCN announced that Google has decided to shut down due to its latest update and announced that it has stopped this decision with the effect of Google.

CCN , one of the world’s leading crypto-money news sites , has announced that it will end its broadcasting life . CCN (formerly CryptoCoinNews ) announced today that they have stopped the decision to close with a share.

Google Update
The founder of the site, Jonas Borchgrevink , stated in his statements that CCN’s domain visibility decreased dramatically and site revenues decreased by 90% for this reason. Borchgrevink said that the site has been declining after the release of the June 2019 Core Update for the Google search engine .

According to Cointelegraph, the Google update caused CCN’s traffic to fall by more than 70%, and there was no choice but to close the doors to the executives.

But the site’s founder, CCN, said today that a person from the Google forum conveyed that the site’s previous domain, CryptoCoinNews, has started appearing again in searches. Borchgrevink continued his remarks on the subject as follows:

This is a big surprise on our behalf, as I personally wanted the change of our domain name from CryptoCoinsNews.com to CCN.com in 2017. CryptoCoinsNews.com hasn’t been active on Google since we made the change. Now he’s back and he’s using CCN.com’s 2019 articles. This is sudden and confusing.

Did CCN Advertise?
Borchgrevink, the announcement of the closure decision in the text of the latest update of Google affected all crypto sites, but no site was affected by CCN, he said. In fact, according to Borchgrevink, Google’s policy was to intervene in some sort of press freedom .

However, the fact that such a development took place immediately after the event brought to the minds of some followers the question “Was this an advertisement work? .. Because after the announcement that CCN will be shut down, the popularity of the news website has increased in an instant…