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CEO of World Famous Company

Yoshitaka Kitao Ripple, the CEO of the world-famous SBI Holdings, is working for Ripple.

Yoshitaka Kitao , CEO and representative director of world-renowned Japanese financial services company SBI Holdings , has been appointed Ripple Labs director, according to the Cointelegraph.

SBI Holdings
SBI Holdings is an active partner of Ripple. The SBI Ripple Asia initiative was established in 2016 by two companies to SB promote the use of XRP in Asian financial markets SB.

According to a statement from SBI, Kitao is assigned to a new position in Ripple Labs.

SBI and Ripple
In October 2018, SBI and Ripple developed an XRP-based payment application focused on customers. The application MoneyTap simultaneously handles transfers between domestic banks and uses Ripple’s Blockchain solution xCurrent.

The consortium consisting of 61 Japanese banks (which correspond to more than 80% of the banking assets in the country) joined MoneyTap and the application received investments from 13 local banks in March.

According to the foreland Cointelegraph Ripple Labs appointment, Ripple and Blockcha the consortium for companies R3 proximity between will further increase. In his earlier statements, Kitao praised Ripple and R3. Let’s make a reminder to our readers: SBI is among the members of R3, as well as the biggest external partner of R3. SBI’s 9-month financial report, published in January, said that implementing R3 and Ripple technologies is an important part of the company’s strategy.

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