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Changpeng Zhao Announces Expected Date for Binance!

In April, Binance will launch its expected centerless crypto money exchange.

Binance , which is one of the biggest crypto money exchanges in the world according to the commercial volume, was placed on the agenda with the announcement that they will launch their own centralized crypto money exchanges (DEX) in 2018 despite being a central platform . Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao responded to questions about the DEX DEX during the event called Deconomy in South Korea, and officially announced that the expected platform will be released in late April.

Binance continues to grow
CZ has also made statements about the central and decentralized crypto-money exchanges and said that hakkında decentralized platforms kr are the future itself. In addition to launching a decentralized crypto-money platform, CZ has announced that it will launch a new currency – crypto money exchange in Singapore .

CZ first announced in late February that Binance DEX’s test network was launched and announced that users could create wallets and start trading on the platform. The platform is expected to have a secure, decentralized software and additionally a hardware wallet.

Trust Wallet, Binance’s crypto money wallet, will be integrated with the stock market and will be the second crypto money wallet that will interact with the stock market after the Ledger Nano S. Binance has grown with an incredible acceleration, especially since the beginning of 2018, and is now one of the leaders of the market.