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Charles Hoskinson’s Hope About ADA!

Cardano’s (ADA) leading figure, Charles Hoskinson, claimed that if the acceleration continued, it could be the leading crypto money.

The crypto money market continues to rise and increase its value, with an incredible acceleration, especially since the beginning of April. Bitcoin (BTC) is entering a new record with its purchases at night of almost every new day Asian market for the last 1 week. Breaking the $ 6,800 resistance point this morning, the BTC has gone over $ 6,900 and is moving towards $ 7,000.

Even though there was only one rising BTC in the one-week period and the subcoins had a relatively low decline, this situation has changed as of today and almost the entire market has risen. Cardano (ADA) , which is at the 10th place according to the total market value, became one of the most appreciated ones with 13.92% increase.

With this acceleration, ADA will take place at the summit!
Charles Hoskinson , CEO of IOHK behind Cardano , also mentioned the recent upsurge in his new statement and the points ADA can make:

Despite all the negative comments we’ve heard from the industry, we have two different groups working on the ADA protocol, and they both learn from each other. One group makes the creative side of the protocol still untouched, while the other group works much more regularly and in a certain way. If we continue this momentum, I am quite certain that we will become the leading crypto currency in the market.

In addition, Hoskinson said the expected Shelley test network was being released at the IOHK event recently, but it was postponed due to a few problems.

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