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China’s latest Blockchain index released

The China Information Industry Development Center (CCID), an affiliate of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, published the sixth edition of the Global Publicly Free Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, which has been published every month since May 2018.

According to the technological criteria in the last index, Bitcoin declined to the 19th rank. However, the Blockchain projects that emerged after Bitcoin , EOS, Ethereum, Nebula, Ripple, NEO and IOTA were at the top.

In the August index, the top five digital currencies consisted of EOS, Ethereum , Komodo, Nebulas and NEO. In the last index, Komodo fell to 10th place, while Komodo was replaced by BitShares.

Here’s the list:

The Index assessed the 33 public Blockchain projects based on the core technology, feasibility and creativity. Bitcoin could not beat most of Blockchain’s peers, according to the specified parameters, but was able to stay in front of Bitcoin Cash, the 31st bench in the index.

In the August index, Bitcoin was written in the top 10.

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