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CoinAll Distributes 10,000 USDT to New Users

The CoinAll exchange is distributing USDT to new users performing the tasks.

CoinAll new generation stock market launches an introductory program aimed at new users! New users who perform the tasks during the program will receive a total of 10,000 USDT bonus. The program will continue for one month. Hurry not to miss the opportunity!

Task 1: Sign up for CoinAll and Meet the Customer 1 (KYC1) procedures, win 3 USDT.

Task 2: Make a deposit into your account and win 5 USDT.

Task 3: Trade on the stock exchange and win 2 USDT.

10 USDT will be given to each user who fulfills the tasks mentioned above. What to do to benefit from this opportunity offered by CoinAll is explained step by step with the images below.

Step one: Visit or download CoinAll from the official web page of Google Play or the exchange. Click the Sign Up button.

Fill out the form and your new CoinAll account is ready! You can also register using your email address. Then use the manual to comply with the requirements of the KYC. Congratulations! You completed the first mission.

Step two: Transfer the crypto money to your new account and qualify for 5 USDT!

Step three: Trade on your CoinAll account and earn 2 USDT!

CoinAll, the world’s first publicly-traded stock exchange, aims to provide effective, safe and affordable trading services to its global users and to create a world-class crypto asset trading platform.

CoinAll shares all resources such as the strategic partner and transaction liquidity, 20 million user base, advanced security capacity, and global media channels from the world’s best crypto money exchanges. In addition, CoinAll will become a project pool where OKEx chooses quality projects. This means that the projects at CoinAll have the opportunity to be listed in OKEx. The aim of CoinAll is mek to become the best partner of all projects with high potential Co.

The CoinAll stock exchange is struggling to turn into a global project of high quality and potential. It has been seen that the stock market has been cooperating with quality projects many times since its inception. For example, we can mention COSM which is among the first projects listed in the stock market. COSM will be supported by Samsung’s new flagship and will be the company’s first decentralized application partner. The CoinAll stock exchange has a number of successful partnerships. Some of these are: BTT / ZIL / ONT / Grin.

CoinAll has always struggled to improve the user experience from the very first day when it started its services. On February 21, CoinAll launched the non-stock trading section for digital assets. This section supports the currencies such as Vietnam Dong (VND), the UK Pound (GBP), Thai Baht (THB) and the Russian ruble (RUB), and the new currencies are still in progress.

CoinAll started taking part in Google Play only a few days after launching the out-of-trading section. Android users can now access the CoinAll app directly from Google Play. Thus, the application will become more accessible.

In addition to all these features and successful partnerships, CoinAll succeeds in attracting new users to its platform with successful incentive programs. For example, users are offered various advantageous offers to the CoinAll exchange. According to one of these offers, 50% of the fees received from users on the exchange are returned to users who call their friends to register on the stock exchange. To take advantage of this option, go to your account and click on the invitation discount option. When new users sign up to the exchange via your link, half of the transaction fees are redirected to your CoinAll wallets as USDT.

Join the CoinAll world now and enjoy crypto money trading.

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