COINBASE began to shrink its team


Coinbase , one of the leading stock exchanges in the crypto money sector , began to shrink its team. In the news we shared a short time ago, Coinbase’s corporate value reached $ 8 billion. However, apparently, the company is not deceived by this value and prefers to reduce its team.


According to some reports, Tina Bhatnagar is responsible for Coinbase’s customer service. According to sources such as AmbCrypto, Bhatnagar wants to make the company’s customer service department much more ‘central’, but his request does not respond very positively. An employee who spoke to Yahoo Finance said :

Iller The people here are very uncomfortable with the situation and the managers have not communicated properly on the issue. “

Coinbase did not give a detailed explanation about the number of people dismissed even though he acknowledged that the dismissal news was correct. However, some sources say that this number has reached 15. A large number of those who were dismissed were those who worked remotely. Coinbase’s spokesman contacted Yahoo Finance on the subject and commented:

Da We noticed that people working in the same environment were more productive and happy. Therefore, departments such as support and regulatory compliance will be recruited only to those who can work in the office. 

Although the company prefers office workers instead of remote workers, it may be difficult to find local office workers in some parts of the world. Coinbase stressed that such areas continue to look for people who will work remotely rather than seek office workers.

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