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Cornell Professor Gun Makes His Own Crypto Currency

Turkish computer scientist, who is listed among the few names in the world in the fields of blockchain and crypto money, Dr. Emin Gün Sirer will launch its own crypto currency and Blockchain network with the funds of venture capital investors.

Ava Labs
According to Emin Gün Sirer, co-chairman of Cornell University’s Co-operative Unit for Crypto Coins and Smart Conventions, the Ava network will offer its users low processing time and high efficiency. Sirer made the following statement about the Ava network that Ava Labs developed:

Many existing blockchain networks focus on privacy or value storage. Ava aims to perform thousands of transactions per second, just like Visa, with a 1.35 second verification delay.

Ava Labs received $ 6 million from Polychain, MetaStable and Andreessen Horowitz. The test version of the network will be released on Thursday. Ava Labs is expected to fully activate the network in a few months and launch the crypto currency.

Avalanche Protocol
The Avra crypto currency developed by Sirer uses a consensus protocol developed by people like Satoshi Nakamoto, who are not known and who hide behind the name Team Rocket. In his last presentation, Cornel University professor Sirer stated that the consensus protocol named Avalanche was a mixture of Nakamoto Consensus and Classic Consensus. By referring to the above consensus, Sirer claims that Avalanche was developed to unite the best of both worlds.

He said Ava is working to partner with trusted and large companies and plans to build offices in cities around the world.

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