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Countdown Begins: Satoshi’s Identity Explained 11 Days!

A newly established site launched a countdown to explain Satoshi’s identity. The countdown is 11 days.

We can find Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity after 11 days. A newly established site has started a countdown to explain the identity of the creator of Bitcoin.

John McAfee
John McAfee recently announced his acquaintance with Satoshi Nakamoto and it was time to explain Satoshi’s identity. McAfee announced that he had given up his decision for several reasons. McAfee stated that Satoshi was a group, but the Bitcoin whitepaper was written by a single person, and that the person was now living in the United States.
The newly established also claimed to know Satoshi and started a countdown to explain Satoshi’s identity. According to the current countdown Satoshi’s identity . Of course it is not known whether the site really knew Satoshi. The purpose of the site may be to attract attention.

On the home page of the site, there is a countdown section under the question Where is Satoshi in the world? Sit. And underneath it … can’t you find Satoshi? Sign up for live disclosure.

Satoshi Theories
On the Internet there are many theories about the identity of Satoshi. A group believes that such a perfect P2P payment system is ingenious and that only the CIA or NSA can develop this system. According to this theory, Bitcoin was developed to track criminals on the web .

Eugene Kaspersky’s ex-wife and co-founder of Kaspersky Labs, Natalia Kaspersky , recently claimed that Bitcoin was developed by the US Intelligence Community to fund operations .

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