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Counterfeit Bakkt Platform Established by Imitators

The fraudsters imitating the Bakkt platform tried to get investors’ money.

A person or a group is trying to attract investors to the trap of fraud by imitating the Bakkt platform and authorities. The original Bakkt powers announced that was not relevant to them.

Fake Bakkt Platform
E-mails were sent to many people yesterday by people who opened the counterfeit website. E-mail was sent by a gmail account (initially losing from here). In the e-mail, Bakkt platform will be opened on March 12, Bitcoin and fiat markets to be merged, the minimum contract amount of 1 BTC is the hypothetical statements.

E-mail also contains a link to There are articles on the page that everyone believes in the future of crypto coins. The platform aims at collecting $ 50 million, and this is a 2nd round fund raising session. It is also impossible to say that the platform, which indicates a very high platform guarantee ”return of 27.5%, is safe. So far, any of the fraudsters can not see their network (as of the moment the site is closed) can be seen by looking at the Bitcoin addresses.

Bakkt Platform
Two weeks ago, Bakkt announced the launch of new recruits. It was expected that Bakkt could be opened soon . Bakkt was given a date for the launch, then this date was postponed to 24 January. But so far, there was no sound from Bakkt. Bakkt’s corporate Bitcoin contracts for corporate investors are eagerly awaited since it was first announced. Some say that the end of the long-running bear season will be one of the biggest roles for institutional investors such as Bakkt.

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