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Crypto Coins ‘Going Down to Green Fields’

English Premier League matches will be seen from now on crypto money ads.

The world’s best football league EPL’s matches will soon show the ads of the OKEx stock market.

New technologies are becoming more and more involved in human life. Turkey’s health, etc. Blockchain other countries in the future if not enough on this issue. It is possible to see whether the services or crypto coins are used in international transmissions. Crypto coins are now coming to the stadiums with the OKEx stock exchange.

Previously, the investment platform eToro 7 EPL club announced that it would make a sponsorship agreement. He wants to throw a goal in the green field and throw the stock market ads to the crown line boards.

OKEx operations manager Andy Chueng said the company’s move:

Football unites and connects people without a universal language and boundaries. Blockchain technology has the same values. We are excited to see that digital technology is more widely accepted and adopted in the sports industry and we are proud to be a part of it. Through matches we want to interact with the audience by enabling them to learn about digital technology, and we want to make more long-term partnership agreements to support the sport.

The stock market at the same time in order to increase brand awareness ‘UK Premier League Catch Us!’ launches campaign. In this respect, fans who share a digital banner of the stock market share on Twitter will get a chance to win 50 USDT.

The OKEx stock exchange was awarded the Crypto Money Exchange of the Year award at the recently held Malta Blockchain Awards.

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