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Crypto Money Security Move from World Famous Web Browser

Serving millions of users all over the world, the Mozilla browser takes into account the security of crypto users. Following the new security measures implemented by Mozilla, the crypto-money mining and fingerprint processes will be secured in the browser. Thanks to a code applied to the browser, users will be protected from some illegal actions using cryptojacking and fingerprints.

Spy Mining

Cryptojacking is a term known by the world of crypto money. Malicious people who use the computing power of users’ computers do crypto-money mining without the unauthorized computation. This process is called cryptojacking. The Mozilla team has recently shared a series of updates to the browser. Following these updates, it is aimed to protect users from spyware mining activities.

In the past, millions of computers were involved in spy mining. Even from time to time, we have witnessed that even computers in state institutions are being used illegally for these purposes . But officials are doing their best to fight this crime. The measures taken by technology giants such as Mozilla can be quite effective in this regard.

Finger prints

Each individual has a unique physical fingerprint. These fingerprints are biometrically stored by the states and are used as necessary. Considering that we have a persona on the internet, we can also say that there are fingerprints here. Briefly, the sites that the users visit and the activities they perform create digital fingerprints . It is also a crime to use this data without the permission of the users. Mozilla also took precautions with the latest updates.

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