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13 Million Pounds of Crypto Money Stolen from Turkish Exchange Market

23 people were detained from a crypto currency exchange in Istanbul, which was thought to be linked to the stealing of 13 million pounds of crypto money.

Istanbul Criminal Investigation Bureau of Istanbul Criminal Investigation Bureau , an Istanbul-based crypto money exchange, 13 million pounds of crypto money overnight, the investigation into the distribution of various accounts.

Within 3 Hours
As a result of the investigations on December 20, 2018 at night between 04: 00-07: 00 between 13 million pounds of Bitcoin , Ethereum and Ripple ‘s two user accounts were sent to different addresses.

23 people caught
Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation initiated by the Crimes Investigation Office. As a result of the technical and physical follow-up, 24 people were found to be connected to the incident and this morning hours were raided simultaneously. In Istanbul , Ankara , Izmir , Afyonkarahisar , Bursa , Bolu and Antalya , 23 people were arrested simultaneously. A person is still being sought in connection with the incident. The interrogation of the suspects in the police is continuing.

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor ‘s Office said in a written statement that the Crimes Investigation Office conducted an investigation within the scope of lam establishing an organization to commit a crime, using the information systems to prevent, destroy, modify or destroy qualified burglary, system, etc. İstanbul.

In an event in Istanbul in November 2018, 14 people filed a criminal complaint , claiming that they withdrew money from their accounts . In the operation carried out by the teams of the Istanbul Security Directorate, it was determined that third parties entered illegally into the crypto-money wallets of the victims. With the SIM cards they received with false documents, crooks had stolen a total of 437 thousand pounds of crypto money from 14 investors.