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Cryptopia hack again: over 17,000 wallets emptied

Cryptopia, the New Zealand-based crypto money exchange, which has been the target of hacking attacks for some time, was again hacked yesterday morning and around 1.675 ETH was stolen from the stock exchange.

According to a report by Blockchain analyst Elementus, the New Zealand-based crypto currency exchange Cryptopia , which has been in trouble for several years with hacking attacks, was hacked again yesterday morning and hacking continued throughout the day. The report reportedly attracted over 17,000 wallets.

In the attack yesterday, the stock market lost around 1,675 ETH and their value was about 180 million dollars. According to the report, the 5,240 wallet affected by the previous attacks was again the target of the hackers. The report also reported that these users were unaware of the events because the crypto coins were added to their wallets again.

Ethereum was sent to the stolen token.

Source: Etherscan
Here’s a cross-section of the report:

It was unclear whether Cryptopia was the first to secure the remaining funds. However, at around 21.50 we confirmed that the hacker was actually the same thief. At that time, future transfers stopped, and the merged funds were moved to a wallet that had previously stolen Cryptopia funds.

In the report, it is stated that the stock market has no control over the private keys of Ethereum wallets and that this control is in the hacker. In addition, traders of the stock market without paying attention to the hackers reported that they continue to invest in Ethereum. Elementus also thinks that all the funds sent to the stock market are under the control of hackers until the hackers are captured.

Elementus’ previous hack report reported that the Ethereum and ERC20 token worth $ 16 million were stolen from 76 thousand different Ethereum wallets in Cryptopia. In this hacking event, huge amounts of Ethereum, Dentacoin, Oyster Perl, Lisk ML and Centrality were stolen

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