Cyber ​​attackers use cryptography to hide

Cisco’s research has shown that cyber attackers are becoming increasingly specialized in order to hide command control activities, which is normally intended to enhance security. As of October 2017, 50 percent of the global web traffic has been encrypted, a three-fold increase in the encrypted network communication used by malicious software samples. Cisco Security Sales Manager, says the attackers have always taken advantage of vulnerabilities in new technologies.

In the upcoming period, Security Sales Manager  evaluates the expected developments in the cyber security area and the measures that companies should take, and he adds that the new technological trends such as the internet of objects and artificial intelligence are added to the bar every year in cyber security. Rather, cyber attackers are more and more specialized in order to hide command control activities on the purpose of encryption, which is normally intended to enhance security. Global As encrypted global web traffic volume increases, attackers mask command control activities using cryptography, thus gaining more time to work without damage and damage ” said.

More crypto-worm attacks

Experts stated that the development of ransomware was one of the most important threats that emerged in 2017 and continued: id By using network-based ransomware worms, attackers have eliminated the need for human interaction when launching ransomware campaigns. At the same time, they moved the game from ransom pursuit directly to the destruction of systems, data and operations. Why is this important? We have experienced fast-moving network-based attacks with WannaCry and Nyetya, and we expect more automated ‘crypto-worm’ activity next year. Security teams must be aware of this and must be prepared to: target speed and mass impact.

Attackers are following technology closely

According to the Cisco Security Report, cyber attackers are also developing approaches to exploiting new gaps in technology. For example, DevOps systems and services are at the highest risk. Because they are either not properly deployed or deliberately left open for ease of use. In addition, industrial control systems and process control systems at the heart of production create an eco-system with vulnerable devices that are overloaded and weaken by attackers.  

Cisco’s eyes on the battlefield

The experts stated that Cisco’s security engineers had been able to see the entire battlefield for 24 hours. Advanced network; The only place that sees everything, including network infrastructures, data centers, virtual circles, cloud, mobile devices and endpoints. The vast majority of Internet traffic in the world is moving through Cisco networks. In this way, we can capture and analyze valuable data, support the IT units to detect anomalies and predict problems in real time.

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