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Dan Morehead: Buy 1 Bitcoin get 1 Bitcoin free!

Dan Morehead, CEO of the investment company Pantera Capital, said in a panel that he agreed, “One Bitcoin is free for a Bitcoin.”

Dan Morehead, CEO of investment company Pantera Capital, discussed the latest state of Bitcoin and other developments in the crypto money market. In a debate with Cripto currency analyst Ran NeuNer, he said that October looks very different than when Bitcoin pushed and exceeded $ 19,000 barriers.

Morehead said that the Bitcoin world and other crypto currencies are decades-long concepts. Now one of the most important factors is to look to the future, he said.

Morehead, investors long-term approach to enter this area, in the short term should not expect immediate earnings, he added.

NeuNer asked Morehead whether the doubts about the crypto money market were caused by people’s loss of money.

What is strange is that Morehead was sure that these market movements were not new. According to him, these movements were seen before, but the amount of change was different. He also added that the Bitcoin market is more crazy than other markets.

The CEO also said:

Alıp As in other crypto-money markets, people in the Bitcoin market need to take the low-to-high concept of selling. We calculated the percentage of inputs and spikes. We stated that investors need to calmly observe the market and should avoid FUD (uncertainty, fear and doubt). Ilar

One Bitcoin is free for 1 Bitcoin, ”Morehead said, following a drop in prices. He also added that the investor sentiment was controlled by the FOMO (fear of opportunity) demon, which forced the people to enter the market when the prices were too high.

Finally, Morehead talked about the benefits of tokens that are used in everyday life, and they are always one of the most powerful financial instruments. He also found that Bitcoin was also useful and that the values ​​of the crypto money depend on the areas of use. He ended the discussion saying he hoped the number of people interested in the crypto money market would reach 500 million in the next few years.

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