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Daniel Larimer develops another crypto money project

Daniel Larimer, the developer of EOS’s Block.one company, shared his plans to develop another crypto money project immediately after the launch of EOS. Larimer wrote from Telegram:

I’m going to say that again, I’m not leaving EOSIO or B1. While working on EOSIO security and scalability, I came across a set of swaps for a potential crypto token and now I’m investigating whether a market can be built for them. The future of the EOSIO Blockchain and the block team make each project faster, more secure, scalable and flexible.

It seems that in the development process of EOS, Larimer came up with new concepts. Larimer didn’t apply them to EOS and now wants to use it to create a new token:

The hypothetical token will be unchangeable and non-programmable and will be limited to the role of the currency. It will not jeopardize the extreme use of EOSIO applications in any way.

In another Telegram group, Larimer mentioned the properties of the new token. Larimer mentioned the token as nefret MonerEOS ği, which he said would “hate the people of crypto Lar. So token can be fusion of privacy-oriented Monero (XMR) and EOS.

Larimer’s new project was not welcomed by the crypto community despite the “guarantee of trouble tarafından. Larimer is also known to be the creator of Steem and BitShares. With this new project, Larimer may have drawn the image of eye someone who jumps from project to project ”in the market. Some, according to Larimer’s previous projects, do not constitute a problem, taking into account the failure of the previous projects.

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