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Does the stock market, which unlisted high-profile coins, hose their customers?

Does the stock market, which unlisted high-profile coins, hose their customers?

Liqui, whose list of high-profile coins is not listed, is alleged to have hijacked customers’ accounts.

Between September and October, , a well-known stock market, excluded the 25 token couple. A Reddit platform user believes that the stock market is in a process of escape.

The user wrote in his mastertim1 nick:

Or has recently excluded some of its coins. This includes some coins in the top 10 in terms of volume, such as BAT. In the meantime, they are only 15 days after the coins are removed from the platform. On vacation, people who are ‘hodl’ or sick are likely to miss announcements. There seems to be a reason for this short notice: Liqui has already begun the liquidation of over $ 300,000! 

The shipment also includes a wallet address which is claimed to belong to Liqui (0xcc5570e7d39BA1738333782Fb0C5623fb6a6b1f2) and allegedly hops the balances of customers who do not liquidate their positions or do not draw.

Allegedly transfers from Liqui’s wallet

If the address is really related to Liqui, then the claim that token is purged is probably true. The move to remove Basic Attention Token was just a few weeks before the prices rose significantly after Coinbase reported that it would list this digital currency. During Liqui’s announcement, the price of BAT was 16 cents. However, when the stock market began to hatch 1.4 million BAT from customer accounts, the price was up to 30 cents.

As stated in the Reddit share, Liqui gave a total of 29 days to attract funds to more than 290,000 users, including the time between the first announcement and the date of the decommissioning. It would have been better to give an additional time for the non-withdrawal 1.4 million BAT token. It is another possibility that the warehouse itself will be involved in the BAT purchase and the resulting balance is the result of its own transactions. However, he has never mentioned that he has traded against his customers until now. On the other hand, these amounts are likely to be commission fees.

In addition, the stock exchange will not be able to make any withdrawals from customers as of October 13. The problem is that according to the data, the stock market has completed all of the liquidations after this date.

A similar situation applies to SONM, which was completely removed from the stock market on 11 November. Two days ago, the SNM token was probably sent to Binance to sell . Similarly, it is noteworthy that the exclusion decision in the SNM is more than 40%.

In short, the stock market is alleged to have hijacked coins, which are not taken off the list with a sudden decision, giving their customers little time.

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