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Dont hold your breath while waiting for Bitcoin stock exchange trading funds (ETF)

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner said, Don’t holdyour breath while waiting for Bitcoin stock exchange trading funds (ETF) at the Digital Wealth Investment Forum, held on December 5th in Washington, DC .

Hester Peirce, who started calling himself the nickname, crypto mother in the community after opposing the SEC’s rejection of the Bitcoin ETF by Tyler and the Cameron Winklevoss brothers , said that the crypto money or the Bitcoin ETFs were reddet absolutely possible ulan but that it could take years. made the description:

The ETFs will definitely happen, but this may be tomorrow, and it may be 20 years later. Don’t hold your breath. It took years for the SEC to establish Finhub. It may take an even longer time to confirm a product to be traded on the stock exchange.

Peirce also tried to persuade his colleagues to adopt crypto-money, but during that time he said he needed more than “open-minded minds” .

On the other hand, regarding the institutionalization of Bitcoin, Peirce stated that many corporate and retail giants are interested in the SEC and that they will soon be engaged in interaction. The Commissioner said:

I think we should encourage institutionalization in the field of crypto money. People in this area do not want this, but I think there are companies that want to enter the crypto area. The best way you can offer retail investors is a more institutionalized area.

When asked about the new steps of the SEC, “Crypto Mother stated that “people have to obey the law“ . However, he said, the government has prevented the realization of innovative ideas through regulations.

In a recent interview, SEC President Jay Clayton did not give a date for a Bitcoin ETF, but reiterated the position of the SEC.

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