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End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin

End of Telegram’s Crypto Coin: Which Exchanges will be Listed?Telegram is the end of the ICO. And when will Telegram’s crypto currency GRAM be released?

The Telegram Open Network can go down in history as the world’s finest financed project. Last year, the social messaging application Telegram , including Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ‘ s already found that the private investor is developing a list GRAM selling tokens had obtained $ 1.7 billion.

90% Completed
According to the information we received from The Block , the Telegram Open Network ( TON ) project has come to an end. 90% of the project has been completed. The Telegram team announced that they have made significant progress of 20% since September of last year and will start a beta test in March this year with a two-month delay. Last year Telegram pointed to January 2019 for the beta version of the project.

Listed in Binance
According to The Block’s report, the Telegram team is currently working on listing GRAM token on Asia’s largest stock exchanges as soon as beta testing begins . The stock exchanges are estimated to be Binance, Huobi and OKEx . Telegram also has negotiations for cooperation with e-commerce sites are also among the information we have obtained.

The launch of the Telegram Open Network and GRAM token is awaited by developers, crypto money investors and Telegram users. Social messaging application Telegram ‘s 200 million users now mean that Gram token will have no trouble finding investors. In addition, GRAM Token realized one of the biggest IPOs in the history of crypto-money and raised $ 1.7 billion in its ICO.

The real question is, Telegram, dapper based Etherea I will struggle with how? If we consider the $ 1.7 billion fund that Telegram collects in the ICO, it is clear that Gram token will be in the eighth place in the Tron’s seat as soon as it is released. According to the CCN, Gram token’s main rival, CoinMarketCap, will be the fifth EOS.

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