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ETH can get stronger than where it fell

The Ethereum price has suffered severe blows today, but it has support for its recovery.

Like many crypto values, Ethereum (ETH) also went on fishing . In the last 24 hours, many subcoins have declined between 10% and 15%. The market, which has been on the rise for some time, saw increases up to 55% in this process. After such hot days, it is quite natural for the market to cool down.

ETH’s Return
These times are the opportunity to buy for aggressive investors, because basically the market looks positive. ETH’s recent Samsung news may be very useful for the recognition of ETH . Samsung wants to add a crypto money wallet to its more affordable Galaxy smartphones. Ethereum and ERC-20 projects can be a great opportunity for Samsung’s Blockchain KeyStore.

On the other hand, Fred Wilson, a partner at Union Square, confirmed that the transaction volumes seen in CoinBase were created by institutional investors. Wilson said that only a few token and cryptocurrency funds were made, and added that traditional investors need time to be active:

When people read in the Wall Street Journal that corporations are investing in crypto money, for example, they think that only Goldman has started this business. In fact, nearly a hundred token funds have invested heavily in Asia and the United States.

The trend is up, but ETH is now 14% retreated. ETH, which has a double successive decline, may further depreciate by tomorrow’s sales. However, the current price of ETH is above the value. According to experts, the price of ETH can decline to $ 190 and can test 200 again. After this point, he is expected to rise more strongly in every resistance he breaks. The transaction volumes and the total market value are on the rise and can continue the bull season if it continues to rise rapidly.

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