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Ethereum suddenly dropped $ 13 in Coinbase

After Bitcoin and Ripple, the price of the third largest cryptocurrent Ethereum fell sharply from $ 100 to $ 13 in Coinbase Pro.

The price of the second-largest subcoin Ethereum is today shortly dropped from $ 100 to $ 13 in the Coinbase Pro, previously known as the GDAX.

This price collapse was at about 9:00 am today. After a very short period of time, the price quickly recovered to $ 97.

The anomaly only affected the Ethereum price on Coinbase Pro’s USDC market. For those who do not know, USDC is a US dollar-coded crypto currency issued by fintech giant Circle.

Surprised by this situation, the users shared many screenshots on social media.

It was also experienced in 2017

This sudden collapse of Ethereum’s price does not happen for the first time. In June 2017, the digital currency had a sudden decline of $ 310 to $ 0.10 on the same platform as GDAX. At that time, it was claimed that many users lost money.

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