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Ethereum trying to get over $ 100

Ethereum is struggling to stay over $ 100. All eyes are on Ethereum. Because he’s pushing the bottom of the $ 100 limit more and more forcefully. In the meantime, Bitcoin has crossed the $ 3,400 threshold for a short time. Many accounts think that Bitcoin is working on testing the $ 3,000 limit, which is both a physical and a market indicator.

Let’s see if Ethereum can survive over $ 100.

Bitcoin will probably test $ 3,000
If I’m one of the more bulky of these winter days, I’ve got bad news: Bitcoin price makes a bit of a hell on the 3-day chart.

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The price of Bitcoin fell more than $ 200 in the last 3 days. Average users and traders will feel this kind of a difference. In any form of bull race, momentum seems to be dying. The revival that we have seen in the past 1.5 days can only be made from bots for purchase, without anticipating that there may be cheaper prices on the horizon.

Double figures at Ethereum price
Still, no one had a bad week like Ethereum. He was trying to keep $ 120 and $ 118 on Friday. Things went bad over the weekend. The last 24-hour period was even worse. Ether had an opening at $ 111 with Coinbase 24 hours ago, but is now around $ 105.

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It could be a reality next week when Ether saw $ 100 gold. The lack of new ICOs to create demand is one of the reasons for the problem here. The lack of the use of decentralized applications, which make up the demand for gas (which is used for the payment of Ethereum token transactions), has a share in this. The increase in these two will mean new demands for Ethereum.

If you want to keep a long-term Ether these levels will be missed opportunities. For Ethereum’s true believers, the only concern that can last for a long time is perhaps the dilution of value generated by the Proof-of-Stake system in the near future. Tokenize systems have to find their own real market.

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