Exodus and Opera Partnership

Exodus, HTC’s Blockchain phone, and Opera, which are among the most preferred browsers in the world, have announced that they have reached partnership.

HTC ‘s Blockchain technology, the center of Exodus ‘ phone to start a series of decentralized applications ( Dapps ) announced that it will begin to support. According to a series of tweets , the company also said that the partnership with Opera was one of the best browsers in the world .

Dapps Supports
According to the explanations, Exodus’ ZIONVault integrated cold storage application for Etheremon and Decentraland added Dapps support. It was also announced that a Taiwanese Dapps app added additional capacity to the Numbers .

However, the Dapps app, which helps users save their own data, Numbers also allows users to sell their own information to interested third parties in exchange for their crypto currency. Therefore, users are able to control their data and share their information with the companies they allow in a completely transparent way.

All these new Dapps apps that the company will support will be available to users in addition to the crypto-money wallet and CryptoKitties Dapps app on the phone .

Opera Partnership
With the partnership established by HTC and Opera, users will be able to use the browser’s crypto money wallet. They will also be able to make cryptographic transactions and micro payments on websites that support the wallet . According to The Verge, Exodus and Opera currently support only transactions and payments made with Ethereum. However, the work is also underway with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In other news , Phil Chen , head of HTC’s decentralized applications , made the following statement in an interview:

Currently you can make small payments like 0,00002 ETH (about 0,0027 dollars). It was never perceived as a meaningful act on the date of micro payment. Because you pay a transaction fee or you will have to share your income with the store.

All of them next to the Opera recently Android Add a wallet that allows you to direct the browser to users via crypto-currency trading is announced . It would not be wrong to say that the increase in the rate of adoption of both crypto money and Blockchain technology has increased thanks to these moves and partnerships of big technology names.

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