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Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is in everywhere!

Expected project has been implemented, Bitcoin is everywhere! Thousands of shops on the streets of France will now sell Bitcoin.

The rate of adoption of crypto coins is increasing day by day. Although the bear market last year has reduced the price of many crypto assets, there has been a significant increase in the number of places where this innovative asset class is used. Keplerk has contributed significantly to this ratio by allowing street buffets in France to sell Bitcoin (BTC).
France-based financial technology company Keplerk, a significant development for the crypto money ecosystem has signed a significant development. As we have already shared with CoinTurk readers , users will now be able to purchase Bitcoins from French street buffets.

In an interview with Reuters, co-founder Adil Zakhar noted the following comments:

Some people find it complicated to buy Bitcoin online. These users rely on buffets on their streets rather than relying on remote and anonymous web pages.

Working together with a local software developer, Keplerk offers a virtual cash register to member merchants. Thanks to this service, shop owners sell BTC vouchers to their customers. Customers can also translate these receipts to Bitcoin through their wallets at any time.

It was stated that the project will be implemented with the new year. Ethereumworldnews has already announced that six shops have already started to sell digital money, which is expected to reach 6500. Street buffets in France are regularly used by a large number of users. Bitcoin’s shelving in these shops will affect the future of the ecosystem quite well.

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