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Famous Twitter Accounts Seized by Bitcoin Scammers

From time to time, the crypto money market can be used for various fraud activities. The scammers who want to capture the assets of the people they seek, use various methods to achieve these goals. On Wednesday, November 14, the scammers confronted their victims with an interesting method.

Malicious people who take control of their Twitter accounts with a large number of followers are using these accounts to offer attractive but unfounded offers to their victims. Target online shopping site with 1,92 million followers took part in the target fraudsters. Hackers advertised a Bitcoin (BTC) scam using the Target Twitter account they took over illegally.

Fraud activity is working as follows. The scammers, who have a lot of followers, have a share that they give thousands of BTC gifts. Users who are accustomed to airdrops in the crypto money community also want to benefit from this attractive offer. However, when a share that appears to be full of various spelling errors is opened, users will be receiving a QR code. The victims are asked to pay for the code in the code and it is promised a tenfold refund.

According to the first data, Target’s account was re-controlled after about thirty minutes. However, this event has created a bomb effect on the agenda. Online retail giant Target announced that they are in contact with Twitter officials.

Only hours after the Target account was attacked, Google’s G Suite Twitter account was announced for the same purpose. Here are the scam-sharing:

Source: Ethereumworldnews

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