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Fast Food Giant in Venezuela Accepts DASH

Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Venezuela have announced they will accept DASH payments from next week. Therefore, Venezuelan citizens will have discovered another way of using crypto coins in everyday life.

According to official statements, DASH payments will be accepted in KFCs in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, before being used in twenty-four different regions of the country.

Alejandro Echeverria, co-founder of DASH Help, DASH Merchant Venezuela and DASH Text, says that their partnership with KFC was the result of a three-month long study. Echeverria says about the partnership:

The fact that KFC restaurants in Venezuela accept DASH payments is a huge success in terms of crypto money as it will be used by a globally recognized brand. With this move, DASH users see that the adoption is continuing and it is proven that investors continue their tendency towards DASH.

On the other hand, KFC is not the first company to accept DASH in Venezuela. Prior to KFC, several companies, including Subway, Papa John’s Pizza and Traki, had begun collaborating with DASH. So KFC is the last name to join the big list.

Venezuela has been struggling with hyperinflation for a long time. In this process, crypto currencies continue to be used more and more throughout the country. Among these crypto coins, DASH is the leader. In fact, according to DiscoverDash’s data, there are 2,445 enterprises in Venezuela that accept DASH.

Echeverria also says:

DASH is spreading rapidly in Venezuela and growing rapidly. First of all, small businesses and family companies started accepting DASH payments. However, the more deeply rooted businesses prefer DASH.

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