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Giant Stock Market Rolls Up For 1 Billion Dollars

The crypto money exchange Bitfinex began work to collect $ 1 billion funding by arranging an IEO.

We see that the crypto money exchanges operating in the market are coming up with an innovation day by day. Following the ICO frenzy, the stock exchanges began to offer the first stock market supply (IEO) . Other stock exchanges such as Bitfinex and OKex seem to keep pace with IEOs , which gained speed with Binance’s Launchpad initiative . Bitfinex aims to collect $ 1 billion from users via an IEO.

Bitfinex Token?
Hong Kong-based stock market is known to be a shareholder of Bitfinex Zhao Dong, a news source of the stock market sent a file related to the IEO project said. Ethereumworldnews has published this file as a source of news and Bitfinex’s IEO token will receive the name of the LEO is expressed. The name of the Bitfinex stock exchange was commemorated with Tether (USDT) token , which has been involved in many debates . The last discussion on the subject was marked by the agenda . It is quite remarkable that a stock market whose name is involved in such a debate is stripping a project by targeting $ 1 billion.

Bitfinex IEO
According to the file from Dong, Hong-Kong-based company aims to get $ 1 billion under the IEO. Moreover, Bitfinex is already quoted by secret investors for $ 600 million. These investors include information from inside the company or the presence of whales in the market.

On the other hand, the IEO’s token LEO is said to be a usable asset to function similarly to Binance Coin (BNB) . In addition, a certain amount of LEO token file will be purchased by Bitfinex every month. This is in line with Binance’s traditional coin-burning activity

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