Google quietly changes its requirements

A security expert says that #Google quietly changes its requirements, so a user will automatically sign in to their accounts if they sign in to a Google service, such as #Gmail.
Over the years, Google has given the #Chrome browser the option to surf the Internet without logging in to users. However, a security expert says that Google quietly changes its requirements, so that if a user logs in to a Google service such as Gmail, Chrome will automatically sign in to their account.

Google has included the new entry requirements in the latest Chrome update without informing users. Matthew Green, a #cryptographic teacher at Johns Hopkins University, says that in his #blog that he shared on Sunday, Chrome users could log in and unintentionally send their browser data to Google. In addition, Chrome administrators say that logging in to Google doesn’t keep the information confidential, so they need to allow #synchronization.

According to #Webrazzi, Green said it stopped using Chrome because of the change.

Green states that Google has allowed users to accidentally allow synchronization, and that Chrome users must enter their credentials to sign in and sign up later before logon change.

On the other hand, a tweet by Chrome engineer and manager Adrienne Porter Felt has confirmed that Google has changed its entry procedures. #Tweet also emphasizes that users need to approve a synchronization before data is transferred to Google, even if they’re logged in to Chrome.

Is Google correct, or is Green’s thesis fully reflecting the truth? But if Matthew Green is right, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chrome will soon be facing difficulties in data privacy.

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