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Google Removed the Fake Crypto Money App Found in the Play Store?

Google , cyber security company ESET as a result of stimulation of the ‘s IT specialists, investors crypto hackers to steal money funds in your wallet Google Play Store ‘ to install the fake Metamask raised his application.

Lukas Stefanko, ESET’s malware expert, released a report on the company’s website on February 8, 2019. Lukas Stefanko said in the report that they have detected an application that mimics Metamask in the Google Play Store, and that the application contains malicious Clipper.C software.

Private Keys in Danger

In the report, Ethereum investors using the counterfeit Metamask application may have their private keys stolen. Because, like many other malicious applications, ESET’s counterfeit Metamask application included Clipper.C software, which allows users to replace the crypto-money wallet addresses they have copied with their wallet addresses .

Metamask Mobile Application

Metamask is a browser add-on that allows users to perform browser-based operations without downloading all nodes in the Ethereum network. Metamask is currently available as an add-on to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. However, Metamask has no mobile app yet.

The Android / Clipper.C virus is not the only malicious crypto money software installed on the Google Play Store using the name of Metamask. Last year we witnessed the removal of fake Metamask apps from the Google Play Store for malware. Fake Metamask applications are often trying to access users’ crypto-money wallets using phishing methods.

Metamask announced in November last year that more than 1 million downloads of Chrome and Firefox browser add-ons were set up to develop mobile applications. Finally, it is useful to remind us that. There is no guarantee that all of the apps on your iOS and Android devices in the application markets are secure. For this reason, it is important for your personal information and crypto money security to be selective about the applications you want to download to your phone.

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