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Great Increase in Stellar Network


Data from the Stellar network show a significant increase in the number of active accounts in the last 6 months.

In addition to the growth of the XLM token, investor interest in the Stellar network is growing. The XLM Bitcoin Cash, which is a kind of resistance, has passed the 4th place after Ethereum.

According to Stellar Expert, the block searcher and the analysis platform, the Stellar network was a strong image in the second half of the year. Stellar 2018 began with approximately 162,000 active accounts. By the middle of the year – at the summit of the bear market – 512 thousand accounts were registered. After that, in late 2018, Stellar grew visibly and surpassed 2 million active accounts.

The data shows us that Stellar has grown ten times since the beginning of the year in terms of number of users and 5 times more than in the middle of the year. In Stellar’s official Reddit account, this news was shared with the following words: ylesine It took almost 4 years to reach from 0 to 1 million, and it only took 2 months to double that number. M The users then shared the possible reasons for such a growth from their point of view.

Two reasons were highlighted for many users. The first of these is the giant airdrop campaign launched as a result of partnership between Stellar and Blockchain.com. The second reason is that Diruna grows visibly. Diruna is an Indonesian project that wants to develop a marketplace based on Stellar technology.

With Blockchain.com airdrop, over $ 20 XLM token was distributed to each user. The total amount distributed was $ 125 million, which was recorded as the largest airdrop in the history of crypto coins. The number of active accounts registered in the Diruna project has exceeded 1 million.