He met at Facebook, he was tortured to give his Bitcoins

South African Andrew was tricked into making a presentation about Bitcoin and tortured to give the Bitcoin code. He was finally forced to give his BTCs worth $ 60,000.

Apparently, the crypto-currency scams, victims ‘ Bitcoin ‘ s fashion to wrest’s not afraid to use the tactics of the past.

According to local news bulletin Soweto Urban, a South African man was attacked by a man he met on Facebook because of his Bitcoins.

According to the news, the attack took place on November 16th. A man named Andrew was asked to make a presentation about Bitcoin in Ntuli Street, South Africa .

It seems that Andrew had been sedated shortly after entering the building to make a presentation. Andrew says his face was closed and so eccentric with a drug-based cloth. When she wakes up, she claims to be in a different place.

According to local police records, Andrew’s clothes were removed and tortured to give him the Bitcoin code. The attackers pushed a hot iron on his skin and threatened to kill him unless he obeyed.

Andrew has finally succumbed to the wishes of the assailants to save his life. Andrew handed over 800,000 rand (South African currency), ie, $ 60,000 Bitcoins to the attackers’ account. After the attack, he was blindfolded and left at Kliprivier Street, about 30 kilometers away from the scene.

The attackers also bought Andrew’s 3,000 rides ($ 200), two laptops and two Apple phones.

While Andrew is in the intensive care unit at the hospital, the police are investigating the case.

Indeed, the use of such tyranny and brutal tactics is unfortunate.

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