Here are forgotten platforms that accept Bitcoin

Here are forgotten platforms that accept Bitcoin

In addition to countless websites that accept Bitcoin, it is clear that many companies have increased their support for the leading crypto currency. The following six service providers accept Bitcoin, although most people are not aware of it.

Here are forgotten platforms that accept Bitcoin

6- OKCupid

Most Bitcoin users accept Bitcoin effectively as a method of payment in OKCupid 2018, although they do not require a paid pairing service. OKCupid has not announced this decision recently. But a popular platform wants to accept this method of payment despite its falling value.

5- Internet Archive

Most internet users at one point are found in the Internet Archive. The free and borrowed books’ digital library has recently added Bitcoin support. This is a huge improvement for crypto-currency owners, although it is currently aimed at donations.

4. ShopJoy

For those living in Australia, the ShopJoy website is worth a look. The company is an expert in innovation and unique gifts and has been accepting Bitcoin for quite some time now. It is also a platform that accepts BTC directly instead of buying a gift card like Gyft. Worth a look when searching for something unique.

3- MovieTickets

It is quite interesting to examine the online platform. They allow US citizens to purchase movie tickets through a suitable web interface, regardless of their current location in the country. It also accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, which can be a very interesting option to control progress. One of the platforms that people often forget when they accepted Bitcoin.

2- T-Mobile Poland

It is hard to find platforms like T-Mobile Poland that support Bitcoin effectively. Although it may not take place in the US soon, T-Mobile Poland has made a leap in Bitcoin a few years ago. So far, Bitcoin is considered as a way to top-up balances and credits, but it is not known whether this service will soon be available in other international branches.

1 -Green Man Gaming

For those who want to buy digital games on different platforms, Green Man Gaming is a worth checking out option. The online dealer of the video game codes has enabled Bitcoin payments to become an active competitor to Steam and Kinguin. Their choice is quite impressive, and pricing seems more than fair, considering everything

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