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Hot Development: Famous Crypto Money Exchange Bithumb Hacked!

EOS and XRP Stolen! Bithumb hacked the crypto money exchange!

Despite being South Korea-based, Bithumb, one of the world’s largest crypto money exchanges , has been re-hacked according to a recent claim.

Dovey Wan 🦖

Bithumb is being hacked, at its EOS cold storage level!!! Over 3million EOS has been transferred out 👀👀👀

Detail to be reported, confirmed by security firm who’s auditing for Bithumb

The report shared by Dovey Wan , co-founder of Primitve Ventures , emphasized that the Bithumb crypto money exchange was hacked and the target’s EOS cold storage wallet. According to the information transfer more than 3 million WAN EOS was transferred to another platform. In addition to EOS, there is a serious loss of the stock market in terms of XRP, the third largest crypto currency according to the total market volume. According to data shared by Dovey Wan, 20,000,000 XRPs (about $ 6 million) were seized by the hacker.

Bithumb Confirms Hacking!
The Bithumb crypto money exchange approved the hacking incident, but said it was done directly by a Bithumb employee, not by a third party. The Crypto money exchange stressed that the necessary security forces were contacted and they were investigating the incident.

About 9 months ago, the Bithumb crypto exchange was hacked on June 20, and a $ 30 million crypto money exchange was stolen at that time.