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IBM to Bring Corporate Investors to Clouds

IBM will meet corporate level crypto money wallets with corporations.

IBM is stepping into cryptographic money surveillance and storage.

Crypto Money Surveillance
This month, New York-based investment company Shuttle Holdings will release a cryptographic storage solution based on IBM’s proprietary cloud and encryption system.

Wallets to be created will be available to banks, brokers, funds, family offices and investors with a lot of wealth. The tools that will provide the opportunity to keep the crypto money under the supervision of the institutions can also be used by the exchanges. Brad Chun from Shuttle officials said that several customers will start to use the product this month.

IBM introduced its surveillance solution at the Think 2019 conference. The IBM cloud security manager gave a presentation of how data should be protected and stressed the suitability of IBM’s cloud system to store crypto money.

Not Cold Wallet
Shuttle and IBM surveillance are different from cold storage solutions. In cold storage solutions, special devices are kept in remote devices. According to Chun, keeping the keys away from the Internet is the most effective way to cut off the attack paths, but from a technological point of view it is contradictory. Organizations want their customers to read data and see digital assets. Cold wallet assets can cause headaches. That’s why IBM prefers a solution called HSM. Chun underlined that HSMs are as safe and fast electronic solution as cold storage.

IBM had previously created special Blockchains for businesses and blinked the industry. IBM can be a pioneer in creating wallets for institutional investors with its latest moves in oversight.

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