ICO is 442% from Fetch.AI Completed in 22 Seconds

Binary’s FET listed on February 28 rose 442%.
March 2, 2019

Binance added a different dimension to ICOs with the Launchpad platform. Binance, which helps fund crypto money projects with Launchpad, then lists these crypto coins on the stock exchange. For this reason, Binance Launchpad ICOs show great interest to investors.

22 Second ICO
The BitTorrent and Fetch.AI ICOs on the Binance Launchpad platform are the clearest example of this. Fetch.AI, whose ICO on February 25 took just 22 seconds, was listed on Binance on February 28th. Binance, BNB, BTC and the USDT transaction pairs over the FET included in the platform in any way that the listing fees were also specified. At the time of our FET news, ICO was trading at over 420% of the sales price.

2.700 investors took part in Fetch.AI’s ICO, which lasted only 22 seconds and more than $ 6 million in total. In addition, the intense interest in BitTorrent Token and FET continued even after the end of the ICOs.

Profitability Reached to 442%
In the last 24 hours, FET, which has a value of between $ 0.35 and $ 0.47, continues its upward trend. FET was trading at $ 0.436 at the time our news was prepared. FET’s ICO sales price was $ 0.0867. After being listed in Binance, the profitability of the ICO reached 442.88% compared to the sales price of the ICO and the transaction volume in the last 24 hours was 15,877 Bitcoin.

The first crypto coins funded by Binance’s next-generation ICO platform, BitTorrent Token and Fetch.AI have a high level of interest in investors. Both crypto currencies started to be listed in Binance within a few days after the completion of their ICOs, and ICO was able to leap far above the sales price and make investors laugh.

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