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IMF Releases Its Crypto Currency!

The IMF and the World Bank will launch a common crypto currency.

Private blockchain networks and crypto currencies open to the use of certain companies have become very popular in recent years. In the recent months , the largest US bank, JP Morgan Chase, Ethereum, announced that it would launch its own crypto currency, which could be described as a special version of Quorum, and that JPM Coin would be traded only among the companies within its network.

Introducing Learning Coin
Another amazing news from JPM Coin came from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank . The IMF, led by IMF chief Christine Lagarde , who is known for his harsh criticism of Bitcoin (BTC) and other similar crypto currencies, must have turned a sudden turn by the IMF.

This crypto currency, called Learning Coin, will be launched to provide more information about blockchain technology and their use in the real world. Learning Coin is currently only available to the IMF and the World Bank. The crypto currency will not have real crypto-currency characteristics, and the aim is only to clarify smart contracts, transparency, money laundering and other similar questions.

The IMF launched a survey on Twitter on April 10th in which 5 years later will we be paying for our lunch? has led to the question and answer crypto currency with an overwhelming superiority had been .