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In pursuit of the State Zcoin Founder!

Zcoin’s founder, Poramin Insom, may have been targeted by government-backed attackers.

Privacy-oriented crypto-money Zcoin’s (XZC) founder Poramin Insom’s Google account login information is being stolen by Z government-sponsored attackers according to Google’s warning.

the Zcon
Zcon zero-knowledge proof ( evidence that is not secret ) draws attention to the use of a crypto-currency. So users can prove the ownership of a token without revealing which tokens they have. Zcoin, in which the PoW algorithm is used, is in fact an kullanıl application that promises anonymous transactions v of the Zerocoin protocol.

Zcoin’s founder came up with interesting news. Some people think that Insom has become a target for Zcoin. Someone has added to Zcoin Blockchain an anti-governmental content that cannot be censored due to the nature of Blockchain’s technology.

Google Alert
Insom who posted a post on Facebook wrote that Google gave him a warning. The warning states that government-backed attackers are after Insom and are encouraged to participate in the Google Advanced Protection Program developed for saldırı users who are at risk of targeted attacks. Some of the following lines draw attention:

This is less than 0.1% of all Google users. We can’t say how we learned this because the attackers take notes and change their tactics. However, if they are successful, they can access your data at some point or do other things using your account.

Thailand Government
According to the CoinGape site, the Thai government may be responsible for the attack. A user’s claim is that the government is taking action against anti-government content in Zcoin Blockchain . The government is targeting the Insom because it is the creator of Zcoin , and it may be that it wants to know if it’s responsible for anti-government content.

Whatever the cause, people and motivation source; we can say that the incident is rarely seen in the world of crypto money and is a very unusual example.