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Interesting Relationship between Japan and Bitcoin

Japan is one of the countries most interested in bitcoin and crypto coins.

Many Asian economies are open to technology. Thailand, Singapore and Japan are just a few of them. While the world was cautiously progressing with crypto-money to major economies such as the US and China, Japan made more progressive and advanced steps. South Korea and China banned ICOs in 2017, Japan opened its doors. Japan has also made some arrangements.

Economy of Japan
There are several reasons why Japan has been prone to crypto-money while banning the illegal use of Chinese crypto coins. In Japan, he is mainly using cash in the business world. The transition to digital money can be seen as a natural development, but on the other hand, the economy of the country is quite tense. Researchers suggest that the Japanese economy was hit hard by the 1989-90 real estate bubble. Since then, the Japanese government has faced too much Yen in the face of economic challenges. Technology lovers and citizens in the country have sought to pursue curricula that could be alternative to government money.

Although Mt Gox ended up in a disaster, Mark Karpeles was one of the names who planted Bitcoin seeds in Japan. He distributed thousands of Bitcoins to promote Bitcoin and argued that Bitcoin was superior to fiat currencies. The regulation following the hacking of Mt Gox has made the Japanese market stronger and standards set for crypto-money exchanges.

Mrs. Watanabe
There were interesting rumors about the bull race in 2017. According to rumors, highly educated housewives started to buy Bitcoin and started a pump. I’m gonna go back to this analogy. It was called Watanabe. In Japan, women rarely come to high status, while in Japanese society, women do not work when they have children, but they are responsible for the financial arrangement of the house. As a result, the housewives choose the area to invest in, so the Japanese housewives make good profits from Bitcoin at the end of 2017.

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