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Is Bitcoin Down? Market Lost 1 Billion Dollar in 1 Night!

Bitcoin (BTC) declined to $ 7,600 and painted the market red.

Leading crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC) has doubled its value since April, but failed to hold over $ 8,000 after a sharp fall on May 17. Although analysts have recently expressed the future of $ 9,000 for the coming days, these dreams have fallen for the time being, and the crypto money market has suffered a total value loss of more than $ 10 billion.

The BTC declined to $ 7,600 per press time and led to the reddening of the entire crypto-money market. Looking at the bitcoin graphs, it is seen that the leading crypto coin constitutes a sharp pair of hill formations, and then there may be a sharp decline.

Bitcoin Can Decrease 30 Percent Value
The famous trader Josh Rager said that a tweet with a tweet he threw from his Twitter account might be a sharp fall and that Bitcoin could suffer a 30% depreciation.

Josh Rager 📈
$BTC 30%+ pullback coming?

Yes, eventually. If history repeats, there should be plenty of strong pullbacks on the way to next peak ATH

There were at least nine 30%+ pullbacks from last cycle accumulation & uptrend

Plenty of buying opportunities ahead, don’t let it shake you

13:28 – 22 May 2019
According to Rager, if history repeats itself, BTC may have very strong corrections before it reaches the new all-time high, but this can be considered an opportunity to buy for investors. Anthony Grisanti also recently expressed a forecast that could fall up to $ 7,000 BTC had .