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Kodakone not paying the salaries

The old photography company Kodak has introduced the Blockchain platform KodakOne this year. However, the firm does not seem to pay the salaries of the developers it commissioned in this step.

Founded in the 1800s, the well-established company has made plans for the future in 2018 and announced that it has taken steps to launch its digital currency KodakCoin. He also explained that they work on a Blockchain-based platform (KodakOne) that will allow photographers to store their work in a secure environment. It is stated that users can easily follow the property details via KodakOne as well as many other platforms emerging in this sector.

The company planned to launch the ICO for this initiative in January, but things did not go as planned. According to The Next Web, the team seems to have stopped developing, but the platform is still supported. However, there is a claim that the salaries of the developers have not been paid.

Developers outside the picture

The developers claim that the company does not pay at the agreed time and has debts of more than $ 125,000. This claim is represented by a UK based law firm. The representative also makes the following statement:

Unfortunately, KodakOne has no remarks about payment transactions. In case of a short and meaningful payment on this issue, court proceedings will begin within 7 days.

Developers were hired by iFindTech for KodakOne. In addition, there are two other developers who claim to have been wronged. Armel Nene claims that he will receive more than $ 36,000 for the first time, also thinks that the entire KodakOne platform is a scam.

KodakOne rejects claims

KodakOne rejected Nene’s allegations of deception, and a speaker on behalf of the firm made the following statements:

It is unfortunate that Armel Nene has moved the issues to social media and that someone who cannot produce satisfactory jobs moves in this way. This is a legal dispute and all claims are questionable. We object to their work and all subsequent claims.

On the other hand, the firm did not give any explanation about the unpaid wages of other developers.

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