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Kraken is in trouble again,but why?

Crypto coins, which continue to grow day by day, can be faced with state institutions from time to time. The shared statistics for the US-based crypto money exchange Kraken are evidence of this situation. The stock market was exposed to three times more legal investigations in 2018 than in the previous year.
Cointelegraph’in news of the crypto money exchange Kraken’e interesting data was shared. According to this statistical data, the head of the stock market seems to be in trouble with state officials. The stock market in the year 2018, according to the state institutions have received a full 475 law investigation. It is remarkable that the same value is only 160 in 2017. The number of investigations in 2016 is only 71.

According to the reports, the frequency of investigations leading to the stock exchange among the institutions of the United States is not to escape the frequency of the eyes. Basically, this situation explains why many businesses prefer to block US users.According to the Cointelegraph, 475 investigations from the stock market, 315 of the US state organs.

At the end of 2017, the crypto money exchanges attracted a great deal of interest from many new users after the price boom in the market. As a result, almost all platforms have significantly increased the number of users. In fact, some platforms were caught off-guard in the face of huge demand from new users and suspended new memberships. When the news of the Cointelegraph is examined in this context, the increase in the number of investigations directed by the state institutions to Kraken can be considered natural. Do you think that the increasing number of users and transactions may have increased the number of investigations?