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Last Minute: Binance CEO Announces Collaboration

Binance CEO Chanpeng Zhao made a 45-minute live broadcast from Periscope a few hours ago. Zhao responded to questions about the future of Binance, Binance Coin (BNB), Binance Chain and the new decentralized stock market. Live broadcast replay can be viewed via Twitter link below.


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Ripple-Binance partnership
During the broadcast, CZ was asked whether Binance would partner with Ripple to strengthen xRapid payments. Zhao’s successful CEO of Binance responded to this question as follows:

We are currently focusing on adding new features to Binance, so we are working with many new partners. We don’t have an ongoing partnership with xRapid, but we definitely want to see Ripple among our business partners.

Although Ripple’s claims to partner with Binance will be on the agenda, Ripple has already partnered with Bittrex (USA), Bitso (Mexico) and (Philippines) exchanges. These exchanges, using Ripple’s xRapid technology, make cross-border payments more advantageous in terms of speed and cost.

Cross-border Transfers
The fact that Binance CEO Zhao can co-operate with Ripple to support xRapid can be considered as a step in the right direction to make cross-border money transfers more efficient and efficient. When we think that Binance dominates the world through its offices and exchanges around the world, it can help us gain an idea of how big the partnership can be.

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