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Latest index of 2018 released: Best crypto coins according to the index

The Chinese Information Industry Development Center (CCID) has published the eighth of the Blockchain technology assessment index it has prepared every month since May.

The China Information Industry Development Center (CCID), an affiliate of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the eighth of the Global Publicly Open Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, which has been published every month since May 2018.

The eighth report will also be the last report of 2018.

Bitcoin declined by 5 digits, Ontology received 4th place in first month
According to technological criteria in the last index, Bitcoin fell to 13th, 18th place. However, the Blockchain projects that emerged after Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, GXChain, Komodo and Ontology were the top places. Ontology received 4th place in the first month this month, when it entered the index for the first time.

EOS, Ethereum , BitShares, Steem and Nebulas occupied the first five places in November index . In the December index, the first five are EOS, Ethereum, GXChain, Komodo and Ontology.

The last five are Decred, NEM, Litecoin, Bytecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The Index evaluates 35 publicly available Blockchain projects based on the core technology, feasibility and creativity.

The whole list is as follows: