Latvian programmer sentenced for 14 years

Latvian software developer Latvian computer programmer was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Latvian computer programmer, who was found to help develop malware used in some cyber attacks in 2013, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. At 37 years of age, Latvian citizen Ruslan Bondars was found guilty in his trial and allegedly worked with Russian law enforcement officials.

The hackers tested their own “Scan4You” programs to see if the anti-virus programs have recognized malware. This could be adapted to malicious software kits sold to cybercriminals. Bondars claimed that the product would not be held responsible if it was used illegally because it had legitimate uses.

The Prosecutor said, olduğun The defendant believes that the cost of creating and selling a computer product with theoretical legal uses belongs to him. But this is not the case. Malicious software is often theoretically unlawful use, Zar he added. In 2013, a Scan4You user seized about 40 million target customers’ credit card details.

CEO of the UK-based Keepnet Labs, a cyber security company for malware, reported a series of recommendations and warnings that these malicious software caused significant problems for users.

malicious software is the software that enables the capture of your personal information, damages your system and computer and prevents you from using them effectively, and can cause many unforeseeable problems when the necessary precautions are not taken.

One malware:

– seize personal information such as your email accounts, Bank passwords and other personal information,

– It may cause your operating system or other programs to malfunction and cause malfunctions,

– You can delete, copy, relocate files or add new files to your devices on your computer.

– Create new security vulnerabilities (backdoor), can perform different attacks.

– Keystroke recorder, such as the program you can save the key you can print each report.

– redirect users to unwanted web pages,

– Using computer and system resources can cause system slowdowns.

To summarize briefly, through malicious software designed for different functions and purposes, cyber attackers take control over target computers, thus damaging the system, installing and running different programs, and capturing personal and sensitive data.

Antivirus and antispyware programs should be used and should always be kept up to date. Because updates are important for closing the detected security vulnerabilities. The programs that are not updated are similar to the houses with the door open. Also;

– Keep all other applications and operating system up-to-date,

– Use a firewall,

– Safe and licensed websites

– and download the files from legitimate addresses.

In addition, before opening the incoming e-mails, it should be checked whether it is suspicious by looking at who it is from, and if it is needed, it should be questioned whether the e-mail content is real or not.

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