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Leading Crypto Money Exchange Crypto Money Delists 19 Crypto currency including XRP!

The crypto currency sector has recently come up with difficulties in complying with US regulations and many leading crypto currencies have recently closed some crypto currencies for US citizens.

Tron, EOS, XRP, Tezos are being Delist!
About 3 days ago, Bittrex, one of the leading crypto currencies in Europe, delisted 32 crypto currencies for US users because of problems with regulators.

According to an announcement today, Gate.io, which has become one of the most important stock exchanges with its commercial volume, will close 19 coins, including some of the top 10 crypto currencies, to US users. According to the announcement by Gate.io, XRP, EOS, TRX, CYNX, XTZ, BTM, NAS, QTUM, NEO, GAS, XMR, BCN, XEM, WAVES, DCR, ONT, ONG, THETA and TFUEL will be shut down crypto currencies.

Although the risk of deliveries of XRP and EOS lies in the possibility that they may be considered securities in the future, the fact that service tokens such as QTUM, WAVES and NEM (XEM) are also made accessible to US users proves that Gate.io does not want to take any risks. In addition, J Ustin Sun ‘s much-talked crypto money is Tron and Tezos, which achieved a record rise in 2019, can be described as interesting decisions.

Gate.io said that the relevant crypto currencies will be closed for purchase on June 30 and US users should transfer their funds before that date.